Jonathan Roberts (1810-1884)

This page is part of the Holmfirth Flood Project which aims to make content available to researchers in advance of the 175th anniversary of the 1852 Flood which will be commemorated in 2027.

Jonathan Roberts was a cloth manufacturer of Hinchliffe Mill who assisted with the recovery and identification of the victims of the Holmfirth Flood of 1852.


He was born on 6 November 1810, the son of Jonathan Roberts and his wife Mary Ann (née Barrow).

He married twice: firstly to Harriott Green (died 1831) in October 1830 and then to Jane Green (died 1882) in February 1833.

In April 1851, he was appointed as a parochial constable for the Township of Austonley.[1]

Following the devastating flood of 5 February 1852, he found the bodies of the following victims and identified most of them:

He also identified the body of Nancy Marsden.

By the end of his life he was residing at Carr Buildings, Hinchliffe Mill. He died on 20 May 1884, leaving an estate valued at £7,299 12s. 10d.

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