John Sunderland Tolson (1810-1866)

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John Sunderland Tolson was a brewer and a wine and spirit merchant who was linked to the Globe Hotel and its brewery.


He was born on 6 October 1810, the son of farmer and worsted agent Joshua Tolson[1] and his wife Eliza (née Sunderland)[2], and baptised on 13 December 1810 at St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton.

He married Mary Marshall[3], the daughter of wine and spirit merchant Thomas Marshall and his wife Hannah, on 13 June 1838 at Huddersfield Parish Church. They had five known children:

  • Thomas Marshall Tolson (c.1839-1844)
  • Emily Tolson (1846-?)[4]
  • Thomas Marshall Tolson (1847-1901)[5]
  • Ann Howarth Tolson (c.1850-1917)[6]
  • John Sunderland Tolson (1852-1915)[7]

By the early 1850s, he had taken over the Globe Hotel and its brewery on King Street, establishing the firm of John S. Tolson & Co.

John Sunderland Tolson died aged 56 on 21 November 1866.

Mary Tolson of Elm Bank, New North Road, died aged 81 on 7 January 1899.

Notes and References

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