John Milton Gledhill (1899-1918)

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John Milton Gledhill's service record notes that he served in the 8th Training Reserve Battalion and the 53rd Battaltion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, but was discharged on 8 February 1918 on the grounds of "imbecility":

Total service 93 days. Hereditary imbecility. Requires Institutional Life or constant attendance.

Gledhill's military medical report contains the following notes:

Patient was admitted [...?] Military Hospital, Cannock Chase, Rugby Camp, Staffs on 3:1:18. The M.O. who sent him to hospital states that he got out of bed one night and wrote incoherent letters until morning. He also states that he was admitted to Brocton Reception Hospital, where he was very restless, wandering aimlessly about the ward, talking incoherently & writing more letters. The M.O. of Brocton Hospital thought the patient was suffering from Adolescent Insanity.

He has not been overseas, nor has served with any Expeditionary Force.

Patient is distinctly simple-minded, and appears absolutely devoid of intelligence: he can't answer questions coherently, and often gives two entirely different answers to the same question, when put to him at different times: he pays no attention to what is going on around him, his face having a very vacant and a very digested expression. His general physique is very poor. In my opinion, owning to his mental state and this poor physical condition, he is unfit for military service, in any capacity whatsoever.

Huddersfield's Roll of Honour: 1914-1922

The following extract is from Huddersfield's Roll of Honour: 1914-1922 (2014) by J. Margaret Stansfield:

GLEDHILL, JOHN MILTON. Private. 8th Training Reserve Battalion. Born Oakes, Lindley, 4.10.1899. Educated Paddock Council School. Employed as a labourer. Single. Enlisted 5.11.1917. Died on 6.9.1918 at Storths Hall Asylum.