John James Skyrme (c.1825-1858)

John James Skyrme was one of the founding proprietors of the Huddersfield Chronicle newspaper.


He was born in Worcestershire, the son of John and Elizabeth Skyrme, and was baptised on 27 January 1825 in Worcester.

In 1850, he co-founded the The Huddersfield Chronicle & West Yorkshire Advertiser newspaper in Huddersfield with Robert Micklethwaite. The partnership was dissolved on 31 May 1852[1], with Micklethwaite moving to Wakefield where he published the Wakefield Journal newspaper. Skyrme was later joined by manufacturer Thomas P. Crosland and solicitor Cookson S. Floyd, but he then left this partnership in June 1855.[2]

He was initiated into the Masonic Lodge of Harmony on 24 October 1850 although he was "struck off" in 1853.

He married Anne Jackson and the couple had two known children:

  • Ailey Mary Skyrme (c.1853-?)[3]
  • John Jackson Skyrme (1854-1904)[4]

He died aged 33 and was buried on 9 August 1858 at St. Giles, Camberwell, Surrey.

Anne remarried in December 1858 to brewer John Dyson and had two further children.

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