John Haigh and Sons, Limited

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John Haigh & Sons Ltd. was a machinist and iron foundry established in the mid-1830s and was based at Priestroyd Iron Works in Huddersfield. The works were extended in 1869.

An invoice from 1910 described the firm as "manufacturers of iron & wood scribbling and carding machinery, condensers, willeys, fearnoughts, griding frames, &c." The invoice also noted that they were awarded a gold medal at the Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition of 1883.

An advertisement placed in the Textile Manufacturer in May 1924 named them as:

MAKERS of all kinds of Carding Machines for Felts, Woollens and Worsteds with Iron or Wood Cylinders and Doffers; Condensers of all descriptions.

Tape Condensers with Two, Three, Four and Six heights of Rubber Leathers, and Two, Three, Four and Six heights of Surface Drums.

Single and Double Strippers.

Double Doffers, with Doffers from 12in. to 36in. diamter, and Surface Drums in Two or Four heights.

Hopper Feeding Machines, with Automatic Weighing Apparatus for Cards, or without Weighing Apparatus for Willows, Wool Washer and Dryers.

Scotch Blamire or Blankett, Bank and Ball and other Feeds.

Teasers or Shakers; Fearnoughts of Tenter-Hook Willows, Grinding Frames, etc.

The 1937 Directory lists the company as "machine makers".


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