John Grainger (1904-1978)

Dr. John Grainger was a plant pathologist and naturalist.


He was born in Slaithwaite on 2 October 1904, the son of Edward and Lillie Grainger.

His older sister, Jennie Grainger (1891-1969), was the headmistress of Helme School, Meltham for 29 years.

He worked as a curator at the Tolson Museum during the 1930s and early 1940s.[1]

A graduate of the University of Leeds, he was the Head of the Plant Pathology Department at the West of Scotland Agricultural College, Auchincruive, from 1943 until he retired in 1969.[2]

John Grainger died on 20 October 1978 after a long illness, aged 74.


Notes and References

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