John Eastwood (c.1823-1891)

John Eastwood was an architect, builder and cotton manufacturer, responsible for the construction of Albany Mills in Huddersfield.


He was born around 1823[1] in Lockwood, the son of millwright George Eastwood.

Eastwood appears in the 1851 Census as an "architect and builder" living in Rashcliffe, Lockwood.

He married Marianne Young (c.1822-?), daughter of brush maker Jeremiah Young, at Huddersfield Parish Church on 6 November 1852. They had three daughters:

  • Emmeline Eastwood (c.1858-1950)[2]
  • Isabella Eastwood (c.1860-?)
  • Marianne Eastwood (c.1863-1936)[3]

By 1861, the family was living on Queen Street, Huddersfield.

In 1868, he built Gladstone Mills on Firth Street, Huddersfield, which was later renamed Albany Mills when Eastwood changed his political allegiances.

He served on the Town Council between 1870 and 1873.

The 1871 Census listed him as a "cotton spinner".

By the time of the 1881 Census, he had retired to 29 Greenhead Road. He died 12 January 1891 and was buried on 15 January at the Huddersfield Parish Church.

Following her husband's death, Marianne moved to Meltham, where she is listed in the 1891 Census living on Town Bottom, with her daughter Marianne. They both later moved to Blackpool, where they are listed living together in the 1901 Census.

Marianne Eastwood died in 1902, aged 80.

Notes and References

  1. His birth year varies in the surviving records between 1822 to 1824. No baptism records was found.
  2. Married 8 November 1882 to George Ellis Mallinson. Died in 1950 aged 91 in Flyde, Lancashire.
  3. Died in Flyde, Lancashire.