John Cuttell Teale (c.1834-1915)

John Cuttell Teale was an carpenter, architect and innkeeper.


He was born in Holmfirth, the son of George Teale.

By 1851, he was 17-year-old carpenter and joiner, and was living with with grandfather Joseph Cuttle at Birch Hill, Wooldale.

He married Emma Hoyle[1], daughter of manufacturer Eli Hoyle and his wife Hannah, on 27 February 1862 at St. John, Upperthong. The couple lived at Royd Cottage, Cartworth, and their known children are:

  • Sarah Annie Teale (1862-1917)[2]
  • Edith Ellen Teale (1864-1948)[3]
  • Flora Emily Teale (1867-1883)[4]
  • Mary Hannah Teale (1870-?)[5]
  • James William Douglas Teale (1873-1927)[6]

At the time of the 1871 Census, he was an "architect & surveyor".

By 1877, he had taken over the licence of the Swan Inn, Meltham, where his wife Emma died in 1881.

In October 1883, he moved to Denshaw, Saddleworth, and took over the licence of the Junction Inn.

He married Martha Hoyle, daughter of manufacturer Joshua Hoyle, on 26 February 1885 at St. David, Holmbridge. The couple had one known child:

  • Harry Gladstone Teale (c.1886-1898)[7]

By 1891 he was a "retired architect" residing at Eccelsbourn Cottage, Lumber Lane, Belper, Derbyshire. By 1901, he had moved to Windmill House, Belper.

During the early 1890s, he served on the School Board at Belper, before stepping down in 1894. After that, he was elected onto the Belper Urban District Council and continued to serve until at least 1913.

John Cuttell Teale died on 22 April 1915 aged 82.

Local Architectural Works

  • National School, Greenfield Road (opened September 1871)
  • Villas at Fives near Holmfirth (1874)[8]

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