John Cooke and Son, Limited

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John Cooke & Son Ltd. were concrete and asphalt company of Little Royd Mill.

The company was established by John Frederick Cooke of Lockwood and his son Louis Cooke.[1]

A letter dated 30 December 1916 gave their telephone number as Huddersfield 395 and named the company's services and products as including:[2]

  • steam boiler and pipe coverer, concreter, asphalter, etc
  • patent wood composition for tennis courts
  • patent lubricating boiler compound for removing and preventing scale and corrosion in steam boilers
  • manufacturer of non-conducting composition for coating steam boilers, cylinders, pipes, or any steam-heated surfaces
  • cement concrete floors for mills, warehouses, stables, engine beds, fireproof arches, concrete sinks, etc
  • asphalting of all descriptions for carriage drives, school yards, roofs, etc

The company was still operating at Little Royd Mill when the 1937 Directory was compiled, along with Furniss & Co. (roofing contractors and glaziers), Roxana Ltd. (concrete specialists) and John Binns & Co. (rope manufacturer).

Notes and References

  1. The 1911 Census gives the family residing at 29 Springdale Avenue, Lockwood.
  2. Taken from a delivery note to Fisher, Firth & Co. of Marsden.

John Cooke and Son, Limited


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