John Ainley (1808-1871)


John was born in Longwood, Huddersfield the son of John Ainley and Mary Hirst on the 21st September 1808.

Together with his wife, John had eight children:

  • Sarah Ainley (1837-1867)
  • James Ainley (1840-1893)
  • Jonas Ainley (1843-1881)
  • Benjamin Ainley (1850-1913)
  • Martha Anne Ainley (1851-1883)
  • Alfred Ainley (1853-1912)
  • Hirst Ainley (1858-1938)
  • Elizabeth Ainley (1860-1915)

John was a farmer of eleven acres on Lindley Moor. After a natural spring was found on his farm, he decided to build a brewery on the site. This brewery was known as the Wapping Spring Brewery.