Jasper Beard (c.1807-1858)

Jasper Beard was the innkeeper of the Duke of Clarence Inn, Portwood, Stockport.

He was one of three passengers who were killed on 18 June 1858 when five runaway railway goods waggons collided with a L&NWR passenger train travelling from Huddersfield to Manchester as it passed through Springwood Junction to the south of Huddersfield Railway Station. Beard was found in the wreckage "lying on a bag of wool" and was taken to Huddersfield Infirmary where it was found that both his legs were severely injured. He died at around 5:30pm.

At the inquest into the deaths, surgeon John Taylor Bradshaw gave the following statement about Beard:[1]

We first ascertained that there was no haemorrhage that would require immediate action. He was then forwarded [...] to the Infirmary. I went forward to the Infirmary, and on arriving there, made a more minute examination of his injuries. I found a compound comminuted fracture of the left thigh, with fearful laceration of the muscles, the limb being nearly severed from the body. There was also a compound comminuted fracture of the right leg. The bones and muscles were all mixed together in a mass (ground up). I remained with my professional brother in almost continual attendance on him till his death. He died about half-past five p.m. I think it was about two, or a little before, when I saw him first. He was quite conscious within half an hour of his death. He refused to be taken to the Infirmary, unless we promised not to amputate his limbs. He reiterated this wish anxiously. We had no intention of doing this. He was never in a fit state.

Jasper Beard was buried the following day at Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire.

Notes and References

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Jasper Beard (c.1807-1858)


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