Jarmain and Son, Limited

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Jarmain & Son Ltd were wool extractors who were based at the Minerva Works near Kirkheaton and at Turnbridge in Huddersfield. The company was established in 1873 by chemist George Jarmain and his son George Sales Jarmain.

The company is still in existence, although the Minerva Works have been demolished.


BBC Domesday Project:

The West Riding was the centre of the wool trade for centuries and despite its decline many firms still prosper. This company was founded in 1873 by Mr.Jarmain an analyst and inventor of a wool cleaning process called "carbonising". The main process in the 112 year old original building is wool blending and scouring (washing). In 1970-71 the company built a 50,000sq.ft.warehouse on Cold Royd Lane and in 1979 another on Crossley Lane. The warehouse covers 150,000 sq. ft. and can hold up to 30,000 bales of wool. They employ 118 local people who use some British machinery and two scouring machines from New Zealand and a baling press from Italy processing up to 300 tonnes of wool per week. All this makes Jarmain's the largest commission wool scourers in the world.


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