James Sheard Kirk (1842-1911)

James Sheard Kirk was a Huddersfield-born architect, surveyor and artist.


He was born in 1842, the son of noted Huddersfield architect John Kirk and his wife Louisa (née Sheard).

By the early 1890s, he was residing at Ing Lees off Binn Lane, Marsden.

He died on 15 March 1911.

His brother Albert Holmes Kirk gifted a stained-glass window to St. Bartholomew, Marsden, in 1914. The memorial inscription read: "To the glory of God, and in thankful memory of James Sheard Kirk, of Ing Lees, Marsden, one of the founders of this church, who died 15th March, 1911, this window was placed here by his brother Albert."[1]

Selected Local Works

  • St. Bartholomew, Marsden (1890s) — jointly with C. Hodgson Fowler of Durham

Notes and References

  1. "Memorial Window" in Huddersfield Daily Examiner (28/May/1914).