J. Shaw, Son and Greenhalgh, Limited


J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh, Ltd., was a brass and iron foundry company based at Albert Works, Lockwood. The company was founded in 1876, probably by Joseph Shaw (c.1849-?), and was previously the engineering company Joseph Shaw & Son Ltd., also of Albert Works.

One of the partners was wheelwright James Greenhalgh (1836-1921)[1], son of weaver James and Sarah Greenhalgh of Taylor Hill. He married weaver Mary Ann Dyson on 24 July 1861 and, after becoming a widower, dressmaker Eliza Berry on 4 May 1863. He died in May 1921 and was buried on 28 May at Emmanuel Church, Lockwood. By 1937, his son James Greenhalgh (1878-1962)[2] was a director of the company.[3]

The company purchased the former Lockwood Spa Baths in 1946 when the site was sold by Huddersfield Corporation.

The company amalgamated with Taylor Valves Ltd. (est. 1904) to form Taylorshaw in 2002, which was then acquired by Blackhall Engineering Ltd. in 2007.[4]


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Notes and References

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