Ivy Hotel, Linthwaite

The Ivy Hotel — originally known as the Ivy House Inn and The Ivy — is a former inn on Manchester Road (formerly Wakefield and Austerlands Turnpike) in Linthwaite, situated at an area known locally as "Smith Ryding".

The inn gained notoriety when a teenage Welsh servant girl, Catherine Dennis, was found murdered there on the afternoon of 21 August 1891.


The earliest newspaper references found appear in the mid-1860s and name John Beevers (c.1804-1868) as having been the landlord since the early 1830s.[1]

In July 1853, weaver William Garside was charged with assaulting slubber William Thorpe at the Ivy House. The Leeds Mercury reported that Garside was known as a "great fighter" and "had often been before the Bench at Huddersfield". He was fined £5, out of which 10s. was awarded to Thorpe "as some compensation for the injuries he has sustained."[2]

Charles Beevers (c.1846-1899)[3], the son of John Beevers, is named as named as being the landlord in 1869.[4] He was fined 1s. and costs in September 1871 for allowing his dog to run freely on 27 August.[5]

By 1873, Charles Brook, and his wife Margaret, were running the Ivy Hotel. Mrs. Brook[6] took over the licence in 1883 following her husband's death.

Tenders were requested in August 1876 for the construction of "a shed and out-offices". The latter is likely the lower single-storey building attached to the right-hand side of the inn.[7]

In March 1877, weaver J. Garside was charged with assaulting weaver Thomas Dyson, apparently over a bet made on a pigeon race. Witnesses were produced who claimed no assault had taken place, so the case was dismissed.[8]

Yorkshire Evening Post (24/Aug/1891)

In December 1887, one of the Brook's sons was one of several people prosecuted by the RSPCA for cruelty to a horse. He failed to turn up to the hearing and the magistrates were told that he'd absconded and gone to America.[9]

On the afternoon of 21 August 1891, Mrs. Brook left 15-year-old Catherine Dennis in charge of the inn whilst she went to Huddersfield with her grandsons. During her absence, local farm labourer James Stockwell murdered the servant girl. After going on the run, he was eventually arrested and found guilty of the crime.

Mrs. Brook felt unable to continue to live at the Ivy Hotel and a successful temporary application to transfer the licence to Linthwaite local councillor and rate collector William Hayes (c.1862-1911)[10] was made on 15 September 1891.[11] Hayes also took charge of the public subscription to erect a gravestone to commemorate the murdered girl.[12]

Road surveyor Edwin Smithies was fined 10s. with 10s. 6d costs in April 1893 for "being disorderly and refusing to quit the licensed premises of the Ivy Hotel."[13] In September that year, landlord William Hayes was charged with selling adulterated whisky. Hayes was of the opinion that the equipment used to do the testing must have been defective.[14]

The Colne Valley Cycling Club were reported to be based at the Ivy Hotel in 1895.[15]

At a Local Council District meeting in June 1896, landlord and councillor William Hayes, was accused by the sanitary inspector of having a pig sty within 40 feet of the Ivy Hotel. Other councillors moved that Hayes be served with a "notice to abate the nuisance."[16]

Licencee George Kaye was fined 20s. and 12s. 6d. costs on 8 August 1905 for "permitting drunkenness to take place" on 30 July 1905.[17]

A partial history of the licensees includes the following:[18]

  • 1830s–1868 — John Beevers (c.1804-1868)
  • 1868–1873? — Charles Beevers (c.1846-1899), son of John Beevers
  • 26/Aug/1879 — Charles Brook (c.1829-1883)
  • 05/Jun/1883 — Margaret Brook (c.1832-1912), widow of Charles Brook
  • 22/Sep/1891 — William Hayes (c.1862-1911)
  • 24/Aug/1897 — William Hayes (c.1862-1911)
  • 06/Nov/1900 — George Henry Denton (1853-?)[19]
  • 28/Mar/1905 — Edwin Denton (1880-1955)[20] and George Kaye
  • 05/Dec/1908 — Martha Wilkinson (1845-1922)[21]
  • 03/Dec/1918 — James Edgar Bamforth (c.1867-1935)[22]
  • 11/Feb/1936 — Louisa Bamforth (1878-1939), widow of James Edgar Bamforth[23]
  • 05/Mar/1940 — John William Graham
  • 01/Jul/1958 — Mary Ann Graham
  • 01/Sep/1959 — John Edgar Broadley (1901-1983)[24]
  • 07/Sep/1971 — Dorothy Horsfield (c.1914-1989)

The owning brewery was Bentley & Shaw Ltd. of Lockwood, until the 1960s when the Ivy became a Bass pub.

The building is now a private residence.

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