Isle of Skye Hotel, Upperthong

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  • location: Greenfield Road, Upperthong
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The Isle of Skye Hotel was a former beerhouse and inn on the Greenfield Road sited near the junction with Wessenden Head Road, at a height of around 1,500 feet above sea level. It stood just inside the boundary of the township of Upperthong. According to the 1897 Licence Register, it was also once known as the Shepherd's Boy beerhouse and was granted a full licence in 1884.

Some postcards described it as "The Highest Inn in Yorkshire" at 1,477 feet above sea level, however that accolade is normally claimed by the Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire at 1,732 feet.

During the construction of the Digley Reservoir in the 1940s, the Huddersfield Waterworks Committee announced that the hotel would have to close before the work was completed as it stood within the reservoir's catchment area and there were concerns about sewage from the property polluting the water.

Despite being given nearly a decade to resolve the drainage issues, no improvements were made and the premises was closed for good following a compulsory purchase order.

The empty building was eventually demolished after a fire and all that remains today are the two gateposts seen in the postcard.


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Isle of Skye Hotel, Upperthong


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