Irvin Barrowclough (1894-1916)

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Irvin Barrowclough[1] was born in Netherthong on 25 June 1894, the son of John William Barrowclough and his wife Christiana (née Illingworth), and was baptised on 2 June 1895.

He possibly married Teresa Roebuck in 1916.[2]

He died on 30 July 1916 aged 21.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Notes and References

  1. His surname is also recorded as Barraclough and Baraclough. The spelling "Barrowclough" was used in the 1911 Census.
  2. The marriage was recorded in Q3 in Huddersfield, which would mean he was killed a few weeks later.

Irvin Barrowclough (1894-1916)


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