Independent Chapel, Penistone Road, Dogley Lane

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  • also known as: Dogley Lane Congregational Church
  • location: Penistone Road, Kirkburton
  • status: partially exists but under a different use
  • category: church or chapel

The surviving portion of the building is the former Sunday School (designed by Ben Stocks), the cornerstones of which were laid on 5 August 1882. A residential property now occupies the site of the chapel.

Discovering Old Huddersfield

Extract from Discovering Old Huddersfield (1993-2002) by Gordon & Enid Minter:

Between Woodsome Bridge and Kirkburton, Ogilby marks just two place names, Dudgley Gate and Smithin Land. The first of these is now Dogley Lane. About a quarter of a mile after the bridge notice, on the left, the one time premises of Dogley Lane Congregational Church now divided into a dwelling house and a workshop. Opened in 1816 the church survived until the 1960s when a dwindling congregation inevitably led to its closure.


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