Illustrated London News (21/Feb/1852) - The Late Inundation At Holmfirth

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On Monday a public meeting of bankers, merchants, and others was held at the London tavern, for the purpose of promoting a subscription for the relief of the sufferers by the late awful calamity at Holmfirth.

The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor occupied the chair, and among the gentlemen present were Mr. Hankey, governor of the Bank of England ; M. T. Smith, Esq. M.P. ; Mr. Alderman Sidney, Mr. Hartley, &c.

The right hon. Chairman opened the proceedings, and announced that her most gracious Majesty had contributed towards the wants of the sufferers the munificent sum of £150. (Hear, hear.) He trusted that all his fellow-citizens would do all in their power to alleviate the sufferings of the people of Holmfirth.

Mr. W. Williams, the Vice-president of the society established at Huddersfield for the relief of the sufferers, entered into a statement of the cause and extent of the catastrophe. From seven to ten thousand men had been thrown out of employment, who had not only lost their work, but also their furniture and tools. In all twenty-seven cottages had been swept away, and one hundred and twenty-seven injured. Nearly £2000 had been already collected in the neighbourhood of the calamity, and in Huddersfield about £9000 had been collected at Bradford £1000 had been gathered, and a public meeting had been appointed to be held in Leeds that day. Collections had been made in all the mills, and £178 had been received in small contributions.

Martin Tucker Smith, Esq., M.P., moved a resolution declaring the sympathy of the meeting with the sufferers by the late awful calamity at Holmfirth.

Mr. Hankey. Governor of the Bank of England, seconded the resolution, which was carried unanimously.

Mr. Alderman Sidney moved the next resolution, proposing that a subscription be then entered upon in aid of the funds already raised in the immediate locality of Holmfirth, and that a committee be appointed to collect contributions.

Mr. L. Lloyd, jun., seconded the resolution ; and a committee having been appointed to carry out the objects of the meeting, the motion was put and carried nem. con.

Among the donations, which amounted to nearly £1000, were the following :— The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, £21 ; Mr. Bell, of Leeds, £100 ; Messrs. Glyn and Co., £100 ; Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Co., £100 ; Mr. Cunliffe, £100 ; Messrs. Alexander and Co., £100 ; Messrs. Bradbury and Cook, £50 ; M. T. Smith, M.P., £10 ; H. W. Elder, £5 5s. ; Brett Brothers, £20 ; C. Fauntleroy, £20 ; Simes and Co., £50 ; M’Gregor and Co., £20 ; Barber, Houze, and Mead, £30 ; S. Addington, £20 ; J. Hartley, £10 10s. ; Marsh and Edinbrough, £52 10s.

A vote of thanks to the right hon. chairman was then moved by Mr. C. Francis, and seconded by Mr. Wilians, and carried unanimously.

The Lord Mayor having returned thanks, the meeting broke up.

Holmfirth Reservoir.

It is stated that from 20,000 to 30,000 persons visited the Vale of Holm and the seat of the reservoir on Sunday last.