Illustrated London News (14/Oct/1865) - Obituary of Eminent Persons: The Rev. Canon Stowell

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Obituary of Eminent Persons


The Rev. Hugh Stowell, M.A., Hon. Canon of Chester, Rural Dean, Minister of Christ Church, Salford, and Chaplain to the Bishop of Manchester, who died on the 9th inst., at Bar Hill, Bolton Road, Pendleton, near Manchester, in his sixty-sixth year, was a distinguished Evangelical clergyman of the Church of England. He was the son of the Rev. Mr. Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, in the Isle of Man, the author of the life of Bishop Wilson. He was born in 1799, and graduated, at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, B.A., in 1822 ; and M.A. in 1826. He was ordained in 1824, and, after being for three months Curate of Sheepscombe, Painswick, near Stroud, he removed to Trinity Church, Huddersfield, where he remained two years, until he took the sole charge of St. Stephen's, Salford, where he became so popular that in 1830 Christ Church, at Salford, was built for him, at an outlay of £15,000. The rev. gentleman was, in 1845, appointed Honorary Canon of Chester, and, in 1851, one of the chaplains to the Bishop of Manchester. He was also Rural Dean. Mr. Stowell always held and inculcated strong Evangelical opinions. He also advocated total abstinence, and made on one occasion (in April, 1860) a remarkable speech at the Philosophical Hall, Huddersfield, denouncing drinking and supporting the Maine law. The Rev. Mr. Stowell was author of a great number of pamphlets and lectures, among which were "Tractarianism Tested ;" "Nehemiah, a Model for Men of Business ;" "The Pleasures of Religion, and other Poems ;" "The Voice of the Church in Holy Baptism," "The Moderation of the Church of England ; " "William Palmer, a Warning ;" and "The Age We Live In." Mr. Stowell married, in 1828, Anne Susannah, daughter of Richard Ashworth, Esq., by whom he had issue three sons and six daughters. His eldest son is the Rev. Hugh Ashworth Stowell, of Brasenose College, Oxford, Incumbent of Warslow and Elkstone, Derbyshire.