Illustrated London News (05/Mar/1904) - Wills and Bequests: Mr. Edward Brook

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

The will (dated Oct. 27, 1903) of Mr. Edward Brook, of Meltham Mills, near Huddersfield, and Hoddom Castle, Dumfriesshire, cotton sewing thread manufacturer, who died on Jan. 29 last, has now been proved. The testator appointed as executors and trustees his partners, Mr. Thomas Julius Hirst and Mr. Charles Lewis Brook, Mr. Charles Edward Freeman, and his two sons, Mr. Edward Jonas Brook and Mr. Charles Brook. There is a legacy of £300 to each executor. It is mentioned that his wife is already provided for by her marriage settlement, a post-nuptial settlement made in 1889, and by her own property. His port is to be divided equally between his sons. An annuity of £60 per annum is given to Mrs. Snowdon, of London ; and there are legacies to his housekeeper at Spring Place, Meltham, of £50 and the furnitue in the house; £100 to his coachman ; £50 to his head gardener; £5 to each outdoor servant with six years' service on the Hoddom and Kinmount estates ; £5 to each worker, and £2 10s. to each half-timer employed by Jonas Brook and Brothers, Limited, at Meltham Mills. To each of his sisters, Mrs. Hartop and Miss Brook, £5000; to each of his sons £50,000; £60,000 to his daughter Miss Frances Mary Brook ; and £42,000 to his daughter Mrs. Spragge, in addition to her settlement. The residue of his estate is to be divided between his two sons. The will has been proved by all the executors therein named, except Mr. Charles Lewis Brook, who is in South Africa, power being reserved for him to prove later. The estate has been sworn at £2,155,752 8s. 9d. net, exclusive of heritable properties in Scotland and of the several settlements. The amount paid for estate duty is £170,580 14s. 3d.