I Love My Motherland (Bamforth series 5002)

"I Love My Motherland" was a set of three hand-coloured postcards published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. of Holmfirth.

The text is based on the song of the same name composed by A.J. Mills.

The postcards were published as series number 5002.

I Love My Motherland (1)

Motherland! tho' the mighty seas divide us,
And your sons were scatter'd one and all,
There came a day — your fam'ly were united,
'Twas the day they heard your call.
Other nations ask the reason why:
From each of us they hear this proud reply.

I Love My Motherland (2)

I love my Motherland, and where I may be,
There is no other land like the Motherland to me;
I may be far away, over miles of ocean blue,
But motherland, dear Motherland, my heart is still with you!

I Love My Motherland (3)

Motherland! you have sons who came from India,
And the lads from far Australia's shore;
Canadian boys, too, keep the old flag flying,
It's a flag worth fighting for.
Irish, Scotch, and Welsh, with English sign
In unity, for Empire, Home, and King.


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