Hutchinson, Hollingworth and Co., Limited

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Hutchinson, Hollingworth and Co., Ltd., were an Oldham-based loom manufacturer with works at Atlas Works on Colne Road, Huddersfield.

The company was established in 1860 as Hutchinson and Hollingworth by Messrs. John Hutchinson (c.1816-1888) of Cawthorne and James Hollingworth (c.1834-1895) of Holmfirth, and was based at the Dobcross Loom Works in Oldham.

An invoice dated 13 March 1936 gave the firm's Atlas Works telephone number as Huddersfield 143.

The Dobcross Loom Works at Oldham closed in 1967.

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Hutchinson, Hollingworth and Co., Limited


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