Huddersfield at War (1992) by Hazel Wheeler

2009 Edition

Huddersfield at War was written by Hazel Wheeler and first published in 1992 by Alan Sutton Publishing.

It was republished in 2009 by Amberley Publishing.


Huddersfield at War takes us through the years between the announcement on 3 September 1939 that England was at War with Germany, to the VE celebrations on 8 May 1945. Though Huddersfield suffered nothing as spectacular as The Blitz witnessed by larger cities, and events like the bombing of Pat Martin's mill were rare, the impact of the war on the lives of ordinary people was considerable. This delightful account provides an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to remember the humour, farce and tragedy of the war, and for others who would like an insight into what living through such times was like. From the blackout and the black market, to demob suits and dancing in the street — all are described in this often amusing, sometimes poignant, record of everyday life in a northern town during the Second World War.

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