Huddersfield and District Amateur Light Opera Society

The society, now known as the Huddersfield Light Opera Company, was formed in 1912.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post (06/Jan/1912), it was founded "with the object of producing original works wherever possible and of encouraging the original work of British composers".

Early Productions

It is believed that all the productions were performed at the Theatre Royal on Ramsden Street until its closure in 1960.

  • Les Cloches de Corneville (1912), A Country Girl (1913), San Toy (1914), A Runaway Girl (1915), Dorothy (1916), The Belle of Brittany (1919)
  • Miss Hook of Holland (1920), Our Miss Gibbs (1921), Tina (1922), The Mousme (1923), The Arcadians (1924), The Lilac Domino (1925), A Waltz Dream (1926), Madame Pompadour (1927), Sybil (1928), The Shop Girl (1929)
  • Princess Charming (1930), Tonight's the Night (1931), Rose Marie (1932), Hit the Deck (1933), A Country Girl (1934), Rio Rita (1935), Show Boat (1936), The Maid of the Mountains (1937), The Lilac Domino (1938), Glamorous Night (1939)
  • The Arcadians (1948), Good-Night Vienna (1949)


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