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According to the Historical Directory of Trade Unions (2006)[1], this trades' union society was in existence by 1835 with a membership of six and affiliated to the Northern Typographical Union (which existed from 1830 to 1848) and its successor, the Provincial Typographical Association:

The society met at Mr. Dewhurst's, the bookseller on Market Place, and the secretary was William Whittington.

The members included compositors from the two local newspapers, the Examiner and the Chronicle.

The 1851 annual meeting was held at the Swan with Two Necks on Westgate and was chaired by the president, Ambrose Brook Holroyd.[2]

In August 1852, the society's annual meeting was a joint one together with the societies from Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax, and was chaired by Edward Irving of the Leeds Mercury.[3]

Their 1853 anniversary was spent playing a game of cricket against the Halifax Typographical Society, which the Huddersfield team lost. Afterwards, both societies dined at the Fleece Inn on Kirkgate.[4]

The 1857 annual dinner was held at the Black Horse Inn, Dalton, where they were joined "by a party of lithographic printers and bookbinders". The chairman was the president, James Callagan, with secretary John Cowgill as the vice-chair.[5]

The 1864 annual dinner was also held at the Black Horse Inn, with president John Broadbent in the chair.[6]

The following year, the anniversary dinner was held at the Lewisham Hotel in Slaithwaite, with Mr. G. Bradley in the chair and around 30 attendees.[7]

Prior to the 1868 dinner, a cricket match between the married and unmarried members was played, with the former winning. The dinner was then held at the Black Horse Inn, Dalton, with Mr. Rudd in the chair.[8] The 1870 dinner was likewise held at the Black Horse, this time with president Mr. F.J. Sharratt in the chair.[9]

The 1871 anniversary dinner was held at the Belle Vue Hotel, Sheepridge, with the president, Joe Kendall, in the chair. He noted that the society had increased its membership due to the Huddersfield Chronicle moving from a weekly to a daily newspaper.[10]

The 1873 dinner at Old New Inn, Marsden, was proceeded by a ramble on the moor above the town.[11]

For the 1876 annual dinner, the members travelled to the Woodsome estate of the Earl of Dartmouth before dining at the Three Crowns Inn where John Bickerdike occupied the chair.[12]

In 1879, the members elected to travel further afield and a waggonette supplied by Ben Oxley & Sons Ltd. took them to Shipley where they visited Shipley Glen and Saltaire Parl before dining at the Rosse Hotel. Members of the Bradford and Halifax branches also attended, and the Huddersfield members returned home by midnight.[13]

The society is believed to still have been in existence in the 1890s.

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