Huddersfield Town Council

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Huddersfield Town Council was the local government body for the Incorporated Borough of Huddersfield and was active between 1868 and 1974. It was succeeded by Kirklees Council on 1 April 1974.


Following the creation of the Municipal Borough of Huddersfield in July 1868, the Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners relinquished their powers to a new Town Council who met for the first time on 7 September 1868.

Initially the council compromised 42 councillors representing 12 wards. The first elected councillors were as follows:

  1. Almondbury & Newsome Ward:
    George Arlom (farmer), Roger Houghton (manufacturer), and John Varley (coal merchant)
  2. Dalton, Bradley & Deighton Ward:
    Henry Brooke† (manufacturer), James Scholes (farmer), and James Starkey (manufacturer)
  3. Fartown Ward:
    Henry Lister (yarn spinner), George Scholes† (yarn spinner), and Joseph Stork (yarn spinner)
  4. Huddersfield Central Ward:
    Thomas William Clough† (solicitor), John Hellawell (corn dealer), and Joseph Hirst (merchant tailor)
  5. Huddersfield East Ward:
    Robert Appleton (cotton spinner), Joseph Benson (leather cutter), and Read Holliday (gentleman)
  6. Huddersfield North Ward:
    Edward Clayton (bookseller), John Fawcett (builder), James Hadfield (pawnbroker), Henry Hirst, Jun. (yarn spinner), Wright Mellor† (merchant), and Robert Skilbeck (merchant)
  7. Huddersfield South Ward:
    John Eccles (cotton spinner), John Priestley† (cotton spinner), and William White (silk dealer)
  8. Huddersfield West Ward:
    Charles Hirst (woolstapler), Charles Henry Jones† (railway director), James Jordan (manufacturer), William Lidster (plumber), David Sykes† (woollen spinner), and Joseph Woodhead (newspaper proprietor)
  9. Lindley-cum-Quarmby Ward:
    Benjamin Hall Hattersley (woollen manufacturer), Alfred Walker (woollen manufacturer), and Edward John Wood Waterhouse (coal proprietor)
  10. Lockwood Ward:
    Charles Crosland (manufacturer), Alfred Crowther† (manufacturer), and William Dale (lead pipe manufacturer)
  11. Marsh Ward:
    Daniel Calverley (merchant), James Crosland† (manufacturer), and Alan Brook Haigh (manufacturer)
  12. Moldgreen Ward:
    Joseph Byram (ironmonger), John Day† (manufacturer), and Isaac Robson (dyer)

At the first meeting, those marked † were elected to become Alderman by the Councilors, along with Nathaniel Berry, David Binns, John Crawshaw, and Thomas Denham. Alderman C.H. Jones was then elected to be the first Mayor of Huddersfield.

Elections were then held to fill the vacancies left by the new Alderman, with the following voted in as the replacement Councillors: William Henry Aston (cloth finisher), Oates Bairstow (merchant), Joseph Barrowclough (draper), John Fligg Brigg (merchant), Ginnethon Dyson (manufacturer), Law Hopkinson (cord manufacturer), William Marriott (manufacturing chemist), John Shaw (gentleman), Enoch Sykes (gentleman), and Benjamin Thornton (auctioneer).

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