Huddersfield Mills: A Textile Heritage (2004) by Vivien Teasdale

Huddersfield Mills: A Textile Heritage was written by Vivien Teasdale and published in 2004 by Wharncliffe Books.


Huddersfield's famous mills played a crucial role in the town's history and now they are a vital element in its heritage. In this fascinating survey Vivian Teesdale documents the mills themselves- some have been demolished whilst others have changed use and a few are still connected with the modern textile industry. Vivian also recalls the people who's livelihood depended on the mills - the owners, the mill workers and their families. Their combined efforts over generations created the prosperity and growth that gave birth to the town we see today, and this book gives a keen insight into their work and their lives. All kinds of mills are featured here — woollen, worsted, yarn spinners and shoddy. The people who worked in them are brought vividly to life — where they lived, how much they earned, what their working conditions were like. Early union disputes are recalled giving a glimpse of the organised labour for which Huddersfield is so rightly famous. Some of the names may be familiar, if only because streets or buildings are named after them, others have long been forgotten, despite their influence on the town in the early days. But the era in Huddersfield's history that they represent, and the lost community of individuals and families who lives revolved around them, are well remembered here.



  • Chapter 1: Origins
    • Landscape
    • The Textile Industry
    • The Process
    • Nineteenth Century
    • Twentieth Century
  • Chapter 2: The Lindley Ridge
    • Gledholt Mill
    • Portland Mills
    • Wellington Mills
    • Other Mills in the Area
  • Chapter 3: North-East of Huddersfield
    • Lane Mills and the Learoyds
    • Tanfield Mills
    • Trafalgar Mills
    • Other Mills in the Area
  • Chapter 4: South-East of Huddersfield
    • Bankfield Mill
    • Dearneside Mills
    • Kirkheaton Mills
    • Linfit Mill
    • Other Mills in the Area
  • Chapter 5: Holme Valley
    • Albert Mills
    • Holmbridge Mill
    • Newsome Mill
    • Other Mills in the Area
  • Chapter 6: Colne Valley
    • Ramsden Mill
    • Shaw Carr Wood Mill
    • Victoria Mills
    • Other Mills in the Area