Huddersfield Mill Memories: An Oral History (2006) by Vivien Teasdale

Huddersfield Mill Memories: An Oral History was written and compiled by Vivien Teasdale, and first published in 2006 by Wharncliffe Books.


This book comprises extracts from interviews with textile workers, covering a wide range of jobs within the industry and spanning a working life from before the Second World War to the demise of many of the massive mills which still dominate the Huddersfield landscape. Starting work straight from school, many had ambitions in other spheres but poverty sent them into the mills instead. There they found noise, dirt, long hours and poor pay, but also a comradeship that lasted their working life and beyond.



  • Introduction
  • Part I: Born Before 1920
    • Olive Brown, Marion Wray, Nellie Haigh, Hilda Clegg, and Mona Milnes
  • Part II: Born 1920-1930
    • Czeslaw-Jozef Pukacz, Maria Borsukiewicz, George Beaumont, Harry Cumberworth, Nancy Cumberworth, Christopher Rycroft, Nancy Rycroft, and Norman Heeley
  • Part III: Born After 1930
    • Betty Matthews, Ridley Simpson, Ephraim Freeman, Rodney Pickard, Colin Raynor, Christine Shepherd, John Thorpe, Gurmit Kaur Atwal, John Pallister, and Kathleen Whitwam