Huddersfield Local History Society

Huddersfield Local History Society is a membership organisation for anybody and everybody interested in the history of the town. Our established activities include monthly talks from September to May; a summer outing; an autumn seminar; an annual journal, free to members; and a series of publications. We are keen to recruit new members and to develop opportunities for members to share their interests in local history and work together to find out more about our fascinating town.




The Society has published a journal (initially a newsletter) since 1983. The older issues are now available to view for free.

The main articles from each issue are listed below:

Newsletter 1 (1983)

  • Some Notes on the Huddersfield Shipping Company and its Associates (E.A. Hilary Haigh)
  • Textiles History Group Goes Public (John Rumsey)
Newsletter 2 (1984)

  • Recruits for the Haver-Cake Lads (John H. Rumsby)
  • Read Holliday & Sons (J.F.I. Whittell)
  • Textile History Group (A. Brooke)
Newsletter 3 (1985)

  • The Origins of Skelmanthorpe Board School (T. Wainwright)
  • Markets, Fairs and Tolls in Huddersfield (Edward Law)
Newsletter 4 (1985)

  • Lascelles Hall (Keith Brockhill)
  • Early Marsden Mills (Alan Brooke)
Newsletter 5 (1986)

  • Bishop Bickersteth's Visitation at Huddersfield 1858 (John Addy)
Newsletter 6 (1987)

  • Smallpox in the Holme Valley 1892-3 (Dr. J.B. Eagles)
Newsletter 7 (1988)

  • The Reverend Henry Venn (David B. Foss)
Newsletter 8 (1988)

  • William Pontey: Huddersfield’s 19th Century Evelyn (Edward J. Law)
  • Luddites in my Life: Some Reflections (Lesley Kipling)
  • Sir David Radcliffe: A Great Victorian Son of Huddersfield (Edward J. Law)
  • In the Steps of Adam Eyre
Newsletter 9 (1989)

  • “Never Was There Such a Time”: Huddersfield Suffragettes in 1907 (Joyce M. Stevens)
  • Isaac Marsden (Tom Wainwright)
Newsletter 10 (1990)

  • Eighty Years Remembered, 1906-1986 — part 1 (Clifford Stephenson)
  • Wright Mellor of Huddersfield (Hugh Wright Mellor)
  • Woodsome Revisited (Keith Brockhill)
Journal 1 (1990)

  • Eighty Years Remembered: 1906-1986 — part 2 (Clifford Stephenson)
  • Pestilential Smoke (Edward J. Law)
Journal 2 (1991)

  • Skelmanthorpe’s Flag of Freedom (F. Lawton)
  • Early Fire Insurance Policies of the Huddersfield Area (Edward J. Law)
  • Buying a Station (Clifford Stephenson)
Journal 3 (1991)

  • Games We Played (Clifford Stephenson)
  • “An Important Accession to the Established Religion”: Holy Trinity and its Churchyard (John C. Brook)
  • Seen and Heard: Mills and Methodism
Journal 4 (1992)

  • Clifford Stephenson: An Appreciation (Dr. Eagles)
  • A Stephenson Anthology
  • Through Victorian Eyes: Memories of Nineteenth Century Huddersfield
  • Old Huddersfield: A Chat with a Resident who has Reached his Ninetieth Year
  • A Saunter Round Slaithwaite (G. Robinson and H. Robinson)
  • Murals from Venice: A Cover Story (Clifford Stephenson)
Journal 5 (1993)

  • The West York Militia in Napoleonic Times (E.M. Tittensor)
  • Former Shopkeepers, Ex-Alderman Hellawell’s Recollections and Reminiscences
  • A Cottage Industry: Preserving Skelmanthorpe’s Past
  • Settlement and Clearance with Dr. Redmonds
Journal 6 (1994)

  • Norma Porritt: Huddersfield’s Surgeon-Novelist (Dr. J.B. Eagles)
  • Saving the Textile Heritage (Leslie Kipling)
  • An Orchestral Tradition: Mr Watkinson Remembers (Huddersfield Examiner 1911)
Journal 7 (1995)

  • An Image of Birkby
  • Reminiscences (Mary Ellis)
  • Everyone Had to Have a Bottle (Betty Eagles)
  • Power to the People: Holme and Electricity (Holmfirth Examiner 24/Feb/1934)
  • Saving the Textile Heritage (J.B. Brierley)
  • The Dawn of Medical Science in Huddersfield (Dr. Eagles)
Journal 8 (1997)

  • In the Picture: Longley Woods (Patrick Ann Dyson)
  • Shocking Accident at Windermere
  • As You Were Saying: Whit Monday (Cathy McLester)
  • Berry Brow, or Beauty Everywhere
  • Skelmanthorpe in Verse (T. Appleyard)
  • Westgate 70 Years Ago
Journal 9 (1998)

  • Longley Old Hall: c1300-1900 (Patricia Ann Dyson)
  • A New Look at an Old Dispute (Leslie Robinson)
  • Requiem for Huddersfield (Carol Brierly)
  • Wessenden Memories (Donald MacFarlane)
  • Fit to Eat? (Stanley Sheeard)
  • A Weaver’s Tale (Arthur Hirst)
  • Royal Visits: July 1949
  • Before Victoria: Huddersfield in the Early 19th Century (Huddersfield Examiner 1883)
Journal 10 (1999)

  • Dialect in a Druggist’s Diary: Huddersfield 1815-1851 (Jennifer Stead)
  • The Cost of Progress: Dr. John Winterbottom (Pam Cooksey)
  • A Week in Crosland Moor Workhouse (Colne Valley Guardian Oct 1900)
  • What’s My Line? (Colne Valley Guardian)
  • Street Life
  • Marsden Frugality
Journal 11 (2000)

  • The Local Historian as Activist: D.F.E. Sykes (Cyril Pearce)
  • Yorkshire Sings: A Musical and Social Phenomenon (Angela Griffith)
  • Comic Singing (Colne Valley Guardian c.1900)
  • Savouring the Past (Holmfith Express 1/Aug/1914)
  • Huddersfield Born and Bred: Edith Turner 1907-2000 (Judith Robinson)
  • “No Splendour, But Taste Everywhere”
  • “It Was a Cosy Day in the Workhouse” (Holmfirth Express 8/Aug/1914)
  • “Tragedy at the Isle of Skye”
Journal 12 (2001)

  • The Oxford Movement in Huddersfield (M. Tomlinson)
  • Roads and Riots in the Dearne Valley (W.H. Senior)
  • Memories of Taylor Hill Primitive Methodist Church (Florence Hoyle)
  • Minutes from Birch Road Wesleyan Chapel (Cathy McLester)
  • A Selection of Minutes Taken from the Huddersfield Town Council Committee Meetings
  • Foot and Mouth Tragedy at Cartworth Moor
  • T’Co-op (Ernest Beaumont)
Journal 13 (2002)

  • A Victorian Doctor (Betty Eagles)
  • Keeping the Wolf from the Door: Relief of the Poor in Victorian Wooldale
  • The Work at Thornton Lodge Wesleyan Sunday School: In the Yorkshire Dialect
  • Memories of Growing Up in the War Years (Jean Lunn)
  • Wash Day at Grandma’s: 1940s to 1951 (Howard Robinson)
  • Who’d a Thowt Thed a Been a Farm Baht Osses (Ernest Beaumont)
  • Reminiscences (Mary Ellis)
  • Bakestones (David Shore)
  • Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project (Pamela Cooksey)
Journal 14 (2003)

  • Dr. J.B. Eagles 1925-2002: An Appreciation (Hilary Haigh)
  • Bryan Eagles: A Man for All Seasons (Brian Evans)
  • Smallpox in the Holme Valley 1892-3 (Dr. J.B. Eagles)
  • Clifford Stephenson: An Appreciation (Dr. Eagles)
  • Norman Porritt: Huddersfield’s Surgeon-Novelist (Dr. Eagles)
Journal 15 (2003)

  • The Visiting of the Families of Luddite “Sufferers” in the Area of Huddersfield by Joseph Wood, Minister of the Quakers
  • Primrose Hill During the Past Hundred Years (Huddersfield Weekly Examiner 21/Apr/1956)
  • Primrose Hill Working Men’s Club 1894-1944 (Fred Sykes)
  • A Man of the 20th Century: The Autobiography of Arthur Moorhouse (Joan Garside)
  • The “Honley Find”, November 7th 1893 (Martin Hirst)
  • David Brown Memories (Stan Hirst)
  • The Deceitful Trade: A Frizzer’s Eye-View
Journal 16 (2004)

  • Some Notes on the Huddersfield Shipping Company and its Associates (E.A. Hilary Haigh)
  • Eighty Years Remembered: 1906-1986 (Clifford Stephenson)
  • A Hard and Rough Life: The Miner’s Story (Sam Carter)
  • The End of an Era: The Stone Mason’s Yard — Berry Brow
  • The Colne Valley (Jean Lunn)
Journal 17 (2005)

  • Global Warming? (Howard Robinson)
  • The Great Escape… in Huddersfield?
  • The Vital Ingredient (Ernest Beaumont)
  • Memories of Blackmoorfoot Methodist Chapel (Elaine Crabtree)
  • Newsome in 1930 (Stanley Morris)
  • The Story Behind a Visit to Lambeth Palace on 24th October 1996 (Joan Batley)
  • Brief Lives: Harry Micklethwaite, Joseph Bower and Wallace Hartley
Journal 18 (2006)

  • Corra Lynn: Memories of Theatreland in Huddersfield in the Late 40’s (June Strong)
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Edwardian Style
  • Happy Times in Honley (Martin Hirst)
  • An Unexpected Discovery (Valerie Atkin)
  • The Language of the Heavy Woollen Industry (Ernest Beaumont)
  • For the Support of Indigent and Neglected Children (Nora England)
  • Emley Woodhouse: Memories of Life on the Farm in the 1920s (Richard Eric Batley)
  • A Wartime Memory: Life on the Home Front (Mrs. Batley)
Journal 19 (2007)

  • Godfrey Berry and Thomas Wrigley: Two Pioneers of Early Urban Huddersfield (David Griffiths)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia: An Early Huddersifeld Connection (Martin Hirst)
  • Leslie Robinson & Stanley Sheead
Journal 20 (2008)

  • Mining in the New Mill-Hepworth Area (Stanley Garlick)
  • John Sutcliffe JP (1775/6-1858): “A Very Useful Man” (David Griffiths)
  • The Luddites and Affect Their Actions Had on the Horsfall Family (Catherine McLester)
  • Edwin Swift: “The Man”
Journal 21 (2009)

  • Spring Grove School (S. Hirst)
  • Grassy Cliff Hospital (Allan Place)
  • Edgerton Cemetery, Huddersfield (Mike Hardcastle)
  • From Miserable Village to Town of Great Character: From Builder to Architect — Ben Stocks and the Growth of the Architectural Profession in Huddersfield (Brian Haigh)
  • Aspects of World War One
Journal 22 (2011)

  • Asian Voices (Nafhesa Ali)
  • Springwood, Huddersfield’s Lost Park (David Griffiths)
  • A New Look at the Place-Name Fartown (George Redmonds)
  • Pebbles on the Wall: Extracts from Margaret Woodhead’s Diary (Bill Roberts)
  • Harold Wagstaff, 1891 to 1939 (David Thorpe)
  • Crown and County (Sarah Kellett)
  • Resources for Historical Research (Janette Martin)
Journal 23 (2012)

  • The Visiting of the Families of the Luddite Sufferers (Joseph Wood)
  • Before the Corporation: Huddersfield’s Early Civic Buildings (David Griffiths)
  • Childhood Memories of World War 2 (John Rawlinson)
  • In Search of Martha (David Cockman)
  • Domesday for Huddersfield (Natalie Spencer)
  • Pebbles on the Wall: Further Extracts from Margaret Woodhead’s Diary (Bill Roberts)
  • Mrs. Parkin’s Parkin (Lesley Abernethy)
  • New Deposits of the University of Huddersfield Archives and Special Collections (Amy Devenney)
  • Fancy Weavers and Famous Cricketers: Some Aspects of the Early History of Lascelles Hall Cricket Club (Bob Horne)
  • “Brief Encounters”: Baltic Hospital Workers in and around Huddersfield, 1946-1951 (Frank Grombir)
Journal 24 (2013)

  • In Search of Martha Stocks (David Cockman)
  • An Encounter in Lützschena: An Intriguing Footnote on the Search for Martha Stocks (David Cockman)
  • Another German Connection: Joseph Brook of Greenhead (David Griffiths)
  • Aid for Spain (Alan Brooke)
  • The Huddersfield Music Society: A Short History (Hilary Norcliffe)
  • A Melancholy Affair (George Redmonds)
  • A Canadian Soldier’s Grave in Upperthong (John H. Rumsby)
  • Lindley in the Great War (David Verguson)
  • “The Case I Suffer is for Taking a Few Oats” (Pamela Cooksey)
Journal 25 (2014)

  • A Communal History of Jews in Huddersfield (Anne C. Brook)
  • Two Lindley Lives: The First World War (David Verguson)
  • Surviving Medieval Features in the Holme Valley (Peter Burton)
  • A Roman Temple in Huddersfield (Dylan Martin)
  • Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra (Ruth M. Holmes)
  • Thornton Lodge (Edward J. Law)
  • Huddersfield War Hospital (Martyn Richardson)
  • St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic School 1832-1894 (Ros Whittaker)
  • “Hail Town! Thrice Champions” (Jordan Diggle, Jack McLean, Bill Parkin & Jack Yard)
  • University of Huddersfield Archive Centre (Professor Tim Thornton)
  • The Huddersfield Philanthropic Institution (John Halstead)
  • Huddersfield Banking Company: The First 40 Years (David Griffiths)
Journal 26 (2015)

  • Mark Freedman and the Early Cinema in Huddersfield (Anne C. Brook)
  • A Canadian Soldier’s Grave in Upperthong: A Postscript (John H. Rumsby)
  • “All Huddersfield”: Our Town on the Wireless in the 1920s (Christine Verguson)
  • “The Case I Suffer is for Taking a Few Oats” Continued: Part Two, “An Afflicted Man” (Pam Cooksey)
  • “And Along Came (C H) Jones”: Personality, Politics and the Crisis in Policing Huddersfield in the Mid-1850s (Professor David Taylor)
  • The Huddersfield Based Family Firm of David Haigh and his Descendants (Christine Piper)
  • Colne or Holme? (George Redmonds)
  • The Huddersfield Scientific & Mechanic Institute (HSMI): A Response to John Halstead (David Griffiths)
  • Marsden Mechanics’ Institute: Before the Hall (Steve Challenger)
  • Paddock Junior Infant & Nursery School (John Rawlinson)
  • The Story of Chocolate (Year 6 pupils Evie Rushworth, Millie Gray, Hira Mazhar & Erin Taylor)
Journal 27 (2016)

  • Looking to the Future: Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce Year Book 1918 (Anne C. Brook)
  • Marsden Mechanics’ Institute: The Hall and Final Years (Steve Challenger)
  • “Home James” and Huddersfield’s Musical Traditions (Brian Haigh)
  • Travelling Around Huddersfield 1880-1920 (Jan Scrine)
  • “Among the Best…”: the Lindley Bicycle Club up to the First World War (David Verguson)
  • That Andy Warhol Moment (David Cockman)
  • The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway: The Holmfirth Branch (John Rawlinson)
  • Marie Louise Middlebrook-Haigh: A Life Dedicated to Public Service in Huddersfield (Christine Piper)
  • Three Job Offers in One Day! (Part One) (Waseem Riaz)
Journal 28 (2017)

  • Huddersfield and the Quest for Camelot (Alan Brooke)
  • Who Were the Colne Valley Scapegoats? (Mike Shaw)
  • Farnley Tyas and the Dartmouth Estate in the 1800s and Early 1900s (Caroline Page)
  • Saint Valentine’s Day Catastrophe: The Colne Bridge Cotton Mill Fire and the Story of a Brave Little Girl Who Survived (Richard Heath)
  • The War from the Home Front: One Man and His Experiences in the Great War (Brian Haigh)
  • The Great War and the Vicar of Huddersfield: Huddersfield’s Parish Church and the War Effort (Robert Piggot)
  • “Oh, Just Think of Huddersfield, That’s Christmas Enough!”: The Sex Pistols at Ivanhoe’s, 25 December 1977 (Martyn Richardson)
  • Part Two: Here To Stay – At the Crossroads (Waseem Riaz)
  • South Asian Food and Song: Yesterday’s Practices Repeated in Lockwood Today (Razia Parveen)
  • Kirklees Curiosities – “I’ve Never Seen ‘Owt Like It!” (Carol Hardy)
  • “Did They Tell You About the Dancing?” (Cyril Pearce)


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