Huddersfield Female Educational Institute

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The Huddersfield Female Educational Institute was established in December 1846 with the object to "provide for young females of the town and neighbourhood increased facilities for mental improvement, by means of evening classes, a library, addresses, and other such methods as may from time to time appear suitable."[1]

By February 1847, the Institute had 201 members and subscribers.[2]

Initially, meetings were held above "Mr. Heap's workshop in Westgate" before moving to the British School on Outcote Bank. In the spring of 1850 onwards, meetings were held at Netherwood's Buildings on New Street.[1]

1857 Annual Meeting

The 1857 annual meeting held on 8 April reported the following statistics:[1]

  • 128 pupils
  • 5 classes per week with a total average attendance of around 220
  • classes conducted by 27 teachers (6 paid and 11 unpaid) covering reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, dictation, geography, history, sewing and singing (the latter being held on Wednesday evenings and conducted by Mr. James Peace)
  • a library with 650 volumes which is open on Monday evenings and issues around 50 volumes per week (the librarian to be chosen by the committee members)

The committee members for the coming year were recorded as:

  • Mr. W.P. England (president), Mr. Joseph Batley (vice-president), Mr. Joah Johnson (treasurer) and Mr. P.B. Shaw (honourable secretary)

The officers for the coming year were:

  • ladies — Misses Dyson, Kell, Johnston, Mallinson, Pesel and S. Webb.
  • gentlemen — Messrs. W.W. Greenwood, James Hanson, William Hornblower, J.M. Johnson, D. Johnston and F. Schwann
  • elected pupil — Misses Ellen Crabtree, Eliza Hirst, Alice Mitchell and Mary Wood

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Huddersfield Female Educational Institute


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