Huddersfield Exposed: Mapping Project - XML files

For each of the completed maps in the Mapping Project, a simple XML file is available to download and freely re-use.

Hopefully the format of the XML file is fairly self-explanatory. An example and some brief notes are given below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <name>1851 Town Plan</name>
  <generated format="iso8061">2016-03-31T10:39:20</generated>
    <type>This work is licensed under a Creative Commons...</type>
    <description>This data set may be used under the terms...</description>
    <record id="157">
      <name>Birkby Lodge</name>
      <location>off Birkby Lane (now Birkby Lodge Road)</location>
      <type>private house</type>
      <notes>residence of Joseph Armitage, Esq. circa 1850s</notes>
        <gridref>SE 13538 17960</gridref>



The data sets are made available under a CC BY SA License: