Huddersfield Exposed: Mapping Project - 1905 Huddersfield South (260.03)

This page is part of an ongoing mapping project to index historical maps of the Huddersfield area.

The following index is based on the Godfrey Edition Huddersfield South 1905 map (Yorkshire Sheet 260.03), which is available to buy from most book suppliers (ISBN 9780850544251).

Huddersfield South 1905 260.03.png


# name & location area type exists listed coords
82 Albert Mills, off Albert Street
woollen mill
Lockwood mill yes 53.636202, -1.789354
2 Ash Villa, Cocker Lane (now Wood Lane) Ashenhurst property yes 53.634610, -1.776001
1 Ashfield, Cocker Lane (now Wood Lane) Ashenhurst property yes 53.634240, -1.774693
29 Bath Hotel, Lockwood Road
former hotel for Lockwood Spa Baths
Lockwood hotel yes but new use 53.635602, -1.792106
81 Bath Mills, off Albert Street
woollen & silk mills
Lockwood mill yes 53.635642, -1.789839
13 Berry Brow Station, off Station Lane
original location of Berry Brow Station
Berry Brow railway feature no 53.622399, -1.796924
39 Birk's Cottage
accessed from a woodland path running down from Dodd Royd's Road (now Woodhead Road)
Lockwood property no 53.624501, -1.802054
94 bowling green Lockwood sport yes 53.634264, -1.795323
30 bowling green (#29), off Lockwood Road
bowling green behind the Bath Hotel
Lockwood sport no 53.635988, -1.792250
38 bowling green (#37)
adjoining the cricket pitch
Armitage Bridge sport no 53.622447, -1.800899
78 Broadfield Mills, off Lockwood Scar
woollen mill
Lockwood mill maybe 53.633204, -1.791930
3 Bum Royd House, off High Lane Newsome property yes 53.628054, -1.774845
20 Chapel, Taylor Hill Road
now commercial property
Taylor Hill chapel yes but new use 53.627679, -1.798008
22 Concrete Cottages, Woodside Road
6 properties
Lockwood terraced row yes 53.630335, -1.803550
37 Cricket Ground
Armitage Bridge Cricket Club Ground
Armitage Bridge sport yes 53.622067, -1.801758
21 Cricket Ground
now 5-a-side football pitch
Lockwood sport yes but new use 53.627482, -1.802489
84 Cricket Ground, off Newsome Cross Road (now Cross Lane)
cricket pitch
Primrose Hill sport yes 53.634528, -1.785822
35 Cricket Ground Pavillion (#21)
cricket pavillion
Lockwood property probably not 53.627276, -1.803815
85 Cricket Pavillion (#84), off Newsome Cross Road (now Cross Lane) Primrose Hill property maybe 53.633949, -1.786259
75 Croft House, off Lockwood Scar Newsome property no 53.629894, -1.784833
62 Emmanuel Church, off Salford Road (now Woodhead Road) Lockwood church yes 53.630218, -1.795399
63 Emmanuel Church Rectory, at the end of Solid, off Salford Road (now Woodhead Road) Salford vicarage yes 53.630241, -1.793735
61 Emmanuel Schools, off Salford Road (now Woodhead Road) Salford school no 53.631021, -1.794064
18 footbridge
footbridge over the railway
Lockwood railway feature yes 53.631830, -1.800743
7 Goodham Field Cottage, High Lane Hall Bower property yes 53.626488, -1.774638
5 Hall Bower Sunday School, corner of High Lane & Hall Bower Lane
built 1814 by public subscription, rebuilt 1879
Hall Bower school yes 53.626099, -1.773471
83 Hill Top, off Whitehead Lane Primrose Hill property no 53.634419, -1.788277
14 Hotel, corner of Station Lane & School Lane
now "The Railway" pub
Berry Brow hotel yes 53.622151, -1.797110
23 Hotel, corner of Yew Green Road & Park Road
was the "Railway Hotel"
Lockwood hotel yes but new use 53.634914, -1.801989
51 Inn, corner of Lockwood Road & Swan Lane
former Red Lion Inn, now a commercial property
Lockwood inn yes but new use 53.633378, -1.795429
89 Inn, corner of Primrose Hill Road & Cross Lane
was the "Primrose Inn"
Primrose Hill inn yes but new use 53.636051, -1.783006
59 Inn, Salford Road (now Woodhead Road)
was the "New Inn"
Salford inn yes but new use 53.631299, -1.794493
10 Jack Royd, Jackroyd Lane Newsome terraced row yes yes 53.628471, -1.777969
93 Laith Croft Salford area yes 53.631179, -1.792960
50 Lockwood Baptist Chapel Burial Ground, off Lockwood Road Lockwood burial ground yes 53.633582, -1.795507
49 Lockwood Baptist Chapel, off Lockwood Road Lockwood chapel yes 53.633853, -1.795096
56 Lockwood Brewery Lockwood brewery partially 53.630548, -1.798093
55 Lockwood Mechanics' Institute, Meltham Road Lockwood institute yes but new use yes 53.632415, -1.797037
57 Lockwood Mills
woollen mill
Lockwood mill no 53.632180, -1.795964
52 Lockwood Police Station, Swan Lane
formerly Lockwood Town Hall, now Dixon's Milk Ices
Lockwood municipal building yes but new use 53.633856, -1.797588
80 Lockwood Public Baths, off Albert Street
formerly the Lockwood Spa Baths
Lockwood property yes but new use 53.635000, -1.790629
48 Lockwood Station Offices Lockwood railway feature partially 53.634811, -1.800605
44 Meltham Junction
railway junction for the former Meltham Branch Line
Lockwood railway feature no 53.631039, -1.800697
53 Methodist Chapel, Bentley Street Lockwood chapel yes but new use 53.632500, -1.797606
54 Methodist Chapel Sunday School, Helen Street Lockwood school yes but new use 53.632608, -1.797344
77 Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Towngate Newsome chapel yes but new use 53.627679, -1.786854
86 Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Whitehead Lane
built circa 1867, also known as "Primrose Hill Methodist New Connexion Church"
Primrose Hill chapel no 53.636523, -1.785335
43 milestone, Meltham Road
milestone, "Huddersfield 11/2 miles"
Lockwood roadside feature yes 53.629171, -1.802546
15 milestone, Woodhead Road
milestone, "Huddersfield 2 miles"
Berry Brow roadside feature no 53.622666, -1.798145
58 mill pond for Lockwood Mills (#57) Lockwood mill pond yes 53.631476, -1.796600
74 mill pond for Newsome Mills (#73), Hart Road (now Hart Street) Newsome mill pond yes 53.629540, -1.783407
34 Moor End Lockwood area yes 53.632542, -1.802670
11 New Laith Hill Wood Newsome wood yes 53.630287, -1.776717
73 Newsome Mills, Hart Road (now Hart Street)
woollen mill
Newsome mill partially 53.630418, -1.784452
76 Newsome Working Men's Club, St. John's Avenue
closed in January 2014, reopened as Newsome Tap
Newsome club yes 53.628119, -1.785552
27 Northfield, off North Street Lockwood private house yes 53.636350, -1.797731
64 Oak House, off Close Hill (now Blue Bell Hill) Blue Bell Hill private house yes 53.628170, -1.793834
91 old coal shaft Hall Bower mining feature no 53.625614, -1.779580
70 old coal shaft, off Jackroyd Lane Newsome mining feature no 53.627728, -1.779939
67 old quarry Newsome quarry no 53.628355, -1.770439
40 old quarry, above Dodd Royd's Road (now Woodhead Road) Taylor Hill quarry no 53.625261, -1.801018
41 old quarry, above Dodd Royd's Road (now Woodhead Road) Taylor Hill quarry no 53.625751, -1.801071
42 old quarry, off Taylor Hill Road Taylor Hill quarry no 53.626761, -1.799513
46 Oxford Place, off Swan Lane Lockwood terraced row no 53.634409, -1.798674
32 Park Gear Works, Park Road
now "David Brown Gear Systems"
Crosland Moor works yes 53.636008, -1.803863
26 Park Terrace, Yew Green Road (now Moor End Road) Lockwood terraced row yes 53.634663, -1.803326
36 Park Valley Mills, off Meltham Road
woollen mill
South Crosland mill partially 53.625075, -1.804162
87 Primrose Hill Baptist Chapel, Cross Lane
built in 1881 and converted into student accomodation in 2013
Primrose Hill chapel yes but new use 53.635558, -1.783761
88 Primrose Hill Baptist Chapel Sunday School, Cross Lane Primrose Hill school no 53.635954, -1.783075
68 Primrose Hill Liberal Club, Stile Common Road Stile Common club yes 53.636080, -1.780428
31 Propsect Iron Works, off Yew Green Road Lockwood iron works no 53.633919, -1.801799
12 quarry
quarry next to NW corner of New Laith Hill Wood
Newsome quarry no 53.630795, -1.777853
4 Quarry House, New Laith Hill Newsome property yes 53.628390, -1.772023
25 Rehoboth Baptist Chapel Sunday School, Yew Hills Road Lockwood school no 53.635717, -1.802052
24 Rehoboth Baptist Chapel, Yew Hills Road Lockwood chapel yes but new use 53.635914, -1.802601
6 reservoir for Huddersfield Corporation Water Works, corner of High Lane & Hall Bower Lane
round stone reservoir, now converted into a private residence
Hall Bower reservoir yes but new use 53.625664, -1.773473
69 School, Plane Street
opened 1876 as "Stile Common Board School" and later became "Stile Common Infant and Nursery School" which closed circa 2009, then demolished
Stile Common school no 53.634996, -1.780847
79 Spa Field Works, off Albert Street
woollen works
Lockwood works no 53.634406, -1.791039
90 spring, off Cross Lane
water spring
Primrose Hill well or spring probably not 53.634916, -1.783572
47 Springfield Place, off Swan Lane Lockwood terraced row no 53.634646, -1.798896
71 St. John's Church, off Jackroyd Lane Newsome church yes 53.628100, -1.783450
72 St. John's Church Vicarage, off Jackroyd Lane
demolished at some point between 2009 and 2012
Newsome vicarage no 53.627975, -1.782888
95 Stone Pit Farm, Lockwood Scar Salford farm no 53.631569, -1.790193
45 Sunday School, Hanson Lane
former Sunday School for Lockwood Baptist Chapel
Lockwood school yes but new use 53.631494, -1.799029
65 Taylor Hill Working Men's Club, off Close Hill (now Blue Bell Hill)
closed circa 1980s, became The Bluebell pub, later reopened as a Working Men's Club circa 2010
Blue Bell Hill club yes yes 53.628303, -1.793562
16 Thornfield House, Thornfield Road Lockwood private house yes 53.631542, -1.801697
17 Thornfield, Thornfield Road
2 adjoining properties
Lockwood private house yes 53.631860, -1.801915
8 Victoria Hotel, corner of Jackroyd Lane & High Lane
the current Victoria Hotel may be a later building, as it is different footprint to the inn on the map
Newsome hotel maybe 53.628360, -1.776317
92 well
roadside water well
Hall Bower well or spring no 53.622750, -1.770299
60 Well Green, off Salford Road (now Woodhead Road) Salford area yes 53.630938, -1.796072
66 well, off Ashes Lane
water well in field off Ashes Lane
Hall Bower well or spring probably not 53.622392, -1.773655
19 well, off Dodd Royd's Road (now Woodhead Road)
well behind a property which no longer exists
Taylor Hill well or spring probably not 53.627501, -1.800273
9 well, off Jackroyd Lane
water well in field
Newsome well or spring no 53.628126, -1.777185
28 Yews Mount, off Yews Hill Road Lockwood private house maybe 53.636621, -1.796744
33 Yews Terrace, off Park Road Lockwood terraced row no 53.635073, -1.801234


  • the names of each feature are generally that given on the map, except when it is useful to disambiguate or give a more commonly recognised name
  • in general, definite articles have been dropped from names — e.g. "King's Arms" instead of "The King's Arms"
  • in some instances the area names given are approximate and subjective, so should be only taken as a rough guide
  • the geographic coordinates given are in general very accurate (i.e. to within a few feet), and were obtained by one of two processes:
    • overlaying the historic map on Google Maps to identify the exact location
    • use of bespoke software which creates a virtual mesh over the historic map and is then trained by identifying locations which have not changed, such as road junctions, properties, bridges, churches, etc