Huddersfield Exposed: Mapping Project - 1905 Huddersfield East (246.16)

This page is part of an ongoing mapping project to index historical maps of the Huddersfield area.

The following index is based on the Godfrey Edition of Huddersfield East 1905 map (Yorkshire Sheet 246.16), which is available to buy from most book suppliers (ISBN 9781847844132).

Huddersfield East 1905 246.16.png


# name & location area type exists listed coords
58 allotment gardens Dalton Fold allotments no 53.650574, -1.764732
27 Almondbury Bank Quarry, off Almondbury Bank (now off Bank End Lane) Lower Houses quarry disused 53.638245, -1.754049
28 Bank End Cottage, Bank End Lane Lower Houses property no 53.639797, -1.753279
20 Bank Field House, accessed via Somerset Road & Almondbury Bank Moldgreen private house yes yes 53.641913, -1.762096
57 bowling green next to cricket ground (#56) Dalton Fold sport yes 53.649923, -1.767568
60 bowling green, off Wakefield Road
bowling green behind the King's Arms Inn
Moldgreen sport no 53.643203, -1.768047
54 Brigg's Terrace, corner of Church Lane & High Royd (now Hampshire Street)
4 properties
Moldgreen terraced row yes 53.646069, -1.766429
1 Broad Gates, off Dog Kennel Bank Lane
cluster of properties
Lower Houses terraced row yes 53.638591, -1.765607
24 Chapel, Chapel Street
was the Methodist Free United Chapel
Moldgreen chapel no 53.643729, -1.764408
23 Chapel, Eastwood Street Moldgreen chapel probably not 53.643034, -1.762393
25 Chapel Sunday School, off Chapel Street
was the Methodist Free United Chapel Sunday School
Moldgreen chapel no 53.643800, -1.764131
49 Chapel, Wakefield Road (now old Wakefield Road)
Moldgreen Congregational Chapel, demolished during building of the new Wakefield Road and replaced by the United Reform Church
Moldgreen chapel no 53.643717, -1.762887
10 Christ Church, Church Street Moldgreen church yes 53.645715, -1.765117
11 Christ Church Vicarage, Church Street Moldgreen vicarage yes 53.645294, -1.765494
56 Cricket Ground Dalton Fold sport yes 53.650559, -1.766803
55 Dalton Dye Works, West Place (now Carr Green Lane) Dalton dye works no 53.648037, -1.762024
16 Dalton Lodge, off Long Lane (now on The Grange) Dalton private house yes 53.650573, -1.745878
72 Dalton Mills, off Long Lane
bleaching & dyeing mill
Dalton mill no 53.651115, -1.745003
69 Dalton Rope and Twine Works, off Wakefield Road
rope works
Moldgreen works no 53.646061, -1.757770
31 Dives House, off Wakefield Road
3 adjoining properties, home to weavers and a farmer in Census records
Dalton property no 53.645074, -1.748241
32 Green Garth, off Cross Green Road Dalton Green property yes 53.645637, -1.742248
33 Green Lea, off Cross Green Road Dalton Green property no 53.646352, -1.741914
5 Greenhead, off Wakefield Road Moldgreen private house yes 53.643317, -1.750330
73 Greenside Tandem area yes 53.643850, -1.742278
42 Greenside Mills, off Wakefield Road
silk mills
Greenside mill no 53.643648, -1.744932
13 Holly House, off Church Street Moldgreen property yes 53.644627, -1.764933
83 Hotel, junction of Wakefield Road & Board Lane
named as the Junction Hotel on the 1890 map
Moldgreen hotel yes 53.644687, -1.761307
36 Huddersfield Sanatorium for Infectious Diseases, off Green Lane & Albany Road
now primarily a housing estate, with Kirkwood Hospice at the SE corner
Dalton Green hospital, etc no 53.650140, -1.740867
70 Inn, Long Lane
with yard at rear
Grove Place inn yes but new use 53.648500, -1.755720
59 Inn, Wakefield Road
named on earlier maps as the King's Arms Inn
Moldgreen inn no 53.642956, -1.767385
63 Kidroyd Lower Houses area yes 53.638176, -1.758709
61 Kidroyd Lane, connecting Almondbury Bank with Somerset Road
now a woodland path?
Lower Houses street maybe 53.639927, -1.759136
37 Lepton Mill, off School Lane (now Albany Road)
corn mill
Dalton Green mill maybe 53.650872, -1.735196
14 Little Carr Green House, off Little Carr Green Lane (now Carr Green Lane) Grove Place property no 53.650290, -1.760814
17 lodge house for Dalton Lodge (#16), Long Lane Dalton property no 53.649549, -1.751998
76 lodge house for Huddersfield Sanatorium (#36), Albany Road Dalton Green property no 53.649636, -1.738578
75 lodge house for Huddersfield Sanatorium (#36), Dalton Green Lane Dalton Green property no 53.650786, -1.742785
29 Lower Bank End, Forest Road
cluster of 4 or 5 properties
Moldgreen property no 53.641532, -1.752376
64 Lower Hill Top Dalton Fold area yes 53.647661, -1.765831
81 Lower Thorpe Greenside area yes 53.637640, -1.735771
2 Martin Bank, off Dog Kennel Bank Lane
shown as 3 adjacent properties, with the southern one not named as Jockey Hall
Moldgreen property yes 53.639887, -1.766965
45 Martin Bank Wood Moldgreen wood yes 53.640369, -1.765376
44 milestone, Dog Kennel Bank Lane
milestone, "Huddersfield 1 mile" (exact location uncertain)
Lower Houses roadside feature probably not 53.638363, -1.766299
46 milestone, Somerset Road
milestone, "Huddersfield 1 mile" (exact location uncertain)
Moldgreen roadside feature probably not 53.641551, -1.762133
71 milestone, Wakefield Road
milestone, "Huddersfield 2 miles" (location approximate_
Dalton roadside feature probably not 53.644669, -1.750415
85 mill pond for Dalton Dye Works (#55) Dalton mill pond no 53.648134, -1.762137
84 mill pond for Dalton Dye Works (#55) Dalton Fold mill pond no 53.648830, -1.763084
86 mill pond for Westfield Mills (#67) Dalton mill pond no 53.649154, -1.760498
12 Mount Zion, off Church Lane
2 adjoining properties
Moldgreen property yes 53.645651, -1.767329
18 New Church, Long Lane
marked as a Swedenborgian Church on the 1905 map
Grove Place church yes 53.649171, -1.754637
7 Oak Cottage, Forest Road Moldgreen property yes 53.642106, -1.753821
30 Oaklands, off Lockwood Lane (now Greenhead Lane)
with gardens
Moldgreen private house yes 53.641825, -1.748651
78 Oaks Greenside area yes 53.640058, -1.735379
77 Oaks Hill, Oaks Lane (now Fleminghouse Lane)
cluster of 3 properties
Greenside property no 53.641928, -1.737186
4 Pog Farm, off Green Lane Tandem farm no 53.648957, -1.743329
9 Pond House, off Wakefield Road (now old Wakefield Road) Moldgreen property yes 53.645016, -1.762323
74 pump
water pump behind Green Lea
Tandem water feature no 53.646555, -1.741183
79 Quarry Hill Greenside area yes 53.639374, -1.736563
8 Ravenknowle Hall, off Wakefield Road
set in grounds, now the Tolson Memorial Museum
Moldgreen hall yes but new use 53.644900, -1.755482
6 Ravensholme, off Ravensknowle Road (now on Holme Avenue) Moldgreen private house yes 53.643256, -1.753990
47 Robinson's Fold, off Chapel Street Moldgreen yard no 53.643638, -1.765136
62 Rookery Road, street connecting Wakefield Road with Somerset Road Moldgreen street partially 53.642164, -1.765709
35 Round Wood
appropriately named circular wood with a clearing at the centre
Dalton Green wood yes 53.647722, -1.739048
3 Round Wood Bridge, Albany Road
road bridge over Round Wood Beck
Tandem misc feature yes 53.650065, -1.737652
53 school, corner of Church Street & High Royd (now Highroyd Lane)
School for Christ Church
Moldgreen school no 53.645225, -1.765030
48 schools, off Church Street
site is now Moldgreen Community Primary School
Moldgreen school no 53.644761, -1.763618
51 Sealskin Factory, Birkhouse Lane Moldgreen factory no 53.644633, -1.760352
22 smithy, off Bank Field Road (now Almondbury Bank) Moldgreen smithy maybe 53.642544, -1.762657
80 South Field Greenside area yes 53.638472, -1.736172
43 Southfield, Ravensknowle Road
with gardens
Dalton private house no 53.644289, -1.753482
19 Standiforth Farm, off Long Lane (now off Dyson Street) Grove Place farm yes 53.647942, -1.754491
15 Standiforth Place, off Long Lane (now off Standiforth Lane)
9 properties
Dalton terraced row yes 53.648705, -1.750541
50 Sunday School, Victoria Street
Moldgreen Congregational Chapel Sunday School
Moldgreen school no 53.643522, -1.762533
41 Tavu Works, Wakefield Road
ink & colour works
Tandem works yes but new use 53.644696, -1.739037
21 Tolson's Yard, off Bank Field Road (now Almondbury Bank) Moldgreen yard yes 53.642673, -1.763849
26 Upper Bank Field Mills, Almondbury Bank
formerly a woollen mill, previously known as "Hole Bottom Mill" (1851)
Moldgreen mill no 53.642347, -1.762257
65 Upper Hill Top Dalton Fold area yes 53.649157, -1.765267
68 Vine Cottages, off Almondbury Bank
2 adjoining properties
Lower Houses property yes yes 53.639726, -1.756803
39 Waterloo Bridge, Wakefield Road
road bridge over beck Fenay Beck
Tandem misc feature yes 53.645263, -1.734056
40 Waterloo Bridge Works, Wakefield Road
woollen works
Tandem works no 53.645702, -1.733728
38 Waterloo Inn, Wakefield Road Tandem inn yes but new use 53.645252, -1.736491
82 weir
weir on Fenay Beck to divert water into a mill race
Tandem river feature maybe 53.647036, -1.733601
52 Wellington Place, Wakefield Road
7 properties with yard at rear
Moldgreen terraced row no 53.645128, -1.759873
66 Westfield House, off Little Carr Green (now Carr Green Lane) Grove Place private house no 53.648993, -1.760928
67 Westfield Mills, off Little Carr Green (now Carr Green Lane)
cotton mill with mill pond
Grove Place mill no 53.649217, -1.760250
34 Woodfield, Albany Road (now Waterloo Road) Dalton Green property yes 53.647201, -1.735034

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  • the names of each feature are generally that given on the map, except when it is useful to disambiguate or give a more commonly recognised name
  • in general, definite articles have been dropped from names — e.g. "King's Arms" instead of "The King's Arms"
  • in some instances the area names given are approximate and subjective, so should be only taken as a rough guide
  • the geographic coordinates given are in general very accurate (i.e. to within a few feet), and were obtained by one of two processes:
    • overlaying the historic map on Google Maps to identify the exact location
    • use of bespoke software which creates a virtual mesh over the historic map and is then trained by identifying locations which have not changed, such as road junctions, properties, bridges, churches, etc