Huddersfield Exposed: Mapping Project - 1905 Huddersfield Central (246.15)

This page is part of an ongoing mapping project to index historical maps of the Huddersfield area.

The following index is based on the Godfrey Edition of Huddersfield Central 1905 map (Yorkshire Sheet 246.15), which is available to buy from most book suppliers (ISBN 0850544335).

Huddersfield Central 1905 246.15.png


# name & location area type exists listed coords
71 air shaft
ventilation shaft for Spring Wood Tunnel
Chapel Hill railway feature yes 53.644617, -1.789386
70 air shaft
ventilation shaft for Spring Wood Tunnel
Huddersfield railway feature yes 53.644567, -1.789919
103 air shaft, off Orchard Street
air shaft for New Ground Colliery
Primrose Hill mining feature no 53.637315, -1.781722
94 Albany Mills, Firth Street
worsted mill
Aspley mill no 53.643111, -1.775859
114 Albert Ware Mills, Lower Head Row (now Old Leeds Road) Aspley mill no 53.648797, -1.776048
81 Albion Iron Works, Manchester Road Chapel Hill iron works yes 53.641826, -1.790710
82 Albion Mills, Milford Street
cotton mill
Chapel Hill mill yes yes 53.640898, -1.783898
135 allotment gardens, off St. Thomas' Road Huddersfield allotments no 53.641073, -1.791570
9 Arnold's Fold, off Thornton Road (now Blackmoorfoot Road)
named "Cotton Fold" on the 1851 map
Crosland Moor Bottom fold no 53.639437, -1.801339
108 Aspley Basin
canal basin
Aspley canal feature yes 53.644579, -1.774222
51 Aspley Dye Works, off St. Andrew's Road Aspley dye works yes 53.645749, -1.772814
52 Aspley Dyeware Mills, Upper Aspley (now Wakefield Road)
dyeware mill
Aspley mill no 53.644140, -1.773464
44 Aspley Mills, off St. Andrew's Road
worsted mill, previously cloth finishing & dyeing mill (1890)
Aspley mill no 53.646767, -1.772170
33 Baptist Chapel, New North Road
was demolished in 1971 during the building of the Ring Road and replaced with the nearby New North Road Baptist Chapel
Huddersfield chapel no 53.647509, -1.787017
34 Baptist Chapel Sunday School, Towning Row
Sunday School for the Baptist Particular Chapel on New North Road
Huddersfield school no 53.647403, -1.787403
10 BIrk House, Burkhouse Lane Crosland Moor Bottom private house yes 53.640257, -1.801232
14 Birkhouse Boiler Works, off Birkhouse Lane
boiler works
Thornton Lodge works partially 53.640886, -1.799875
50 bowling green, off St. Andrew's Road
bowling green in what were the gardens of Winthorpe (or Woodland) House
Aspley sport no 53.645463, -1.773924
119 Brewery, off Castle Gate (no longer exists)
named as Watergate Brewery on earlier maps
Huddersfield brewery no 53.646360, -1.776000
29 Brook's Yard, off Market Street Huddersfield yard yes 53.646575, -1.783723
83 Buxton Road Chapel, corner of Chapel Hill & Chapel Street
Wesleyan Methodist chapel
Chapel Hill chapel no 53.641979, -1.784060
79 Cable Oil Works, off Nile Street
oil works
Chapel Hill works no 53.641259, -1.790286
84 Central Iron Works, between Chapel Street & Vulcan Street Huddersfield iron works yes 53.641681, -1.782470
20 Chapel, Claremont Street (now Rook Street)
marked as a Unitarian Chapel on the 1890 map
Huddersfield chapel yes 53.650111, -1.786327
73 Chapel, South Street
marked as a Methodist Primitive Chapel on the 1890 map
Huddersfield chapel no 53.643297, -1.788334
69 Church, corner of Water Street & Merton Street
marked as a Mission Church on the 1890 map
Huddersfield church no 53.644273, -1.790089
30 Cloth Hall Exchange, off Market Street
former cloth market, then a news exchange
Huddersfield market no 53.646178, -1.784892
19 College, New North Road
Huddersfield College, now part of Kirklees College
Highfields college yes yes 53.650838, -1.791300
117 Color Works, St. Andrew's Road
on both sides of the road
Huddersfield works no 53.648843, -1.774018
22 Congregational Chapel, Great Northern Street
previously a Sunday School (1890 map), now the New Testament Church of God
Huddersfield chapel yes 53.650886, -1.778349
123 Congregational Chapel, Ramsden Street
site now occupied by the Public Library & Art Gallery
Huddersfield chapel no 53.644516, -1.781665
126 County Police Station, Princess Street
now "Kirklees Council Members' Services"
Huddersfield municipal building yes but new use 53.643284, -1.782640
49 Daisy Street, off St. Andrew's Road Aspley street no 53.646167, -1.773960
100 Dam Side, Damside Road (now King's Mill Lane)
cluster of properties
Huddersfield property no 53.638863, -1.777497
89 Drill Hall, St. Paul's Street Huddersfield property yes 53.642486, -1.779038
115 Eagle Saw Mills, Lower Head Row (now Old Leeds Road)
saw mill
Aspley mill no 53.648446, -1.775834
142 Engine Bridge, Chapel Hill
road bridge over the River Colne
Folly Hall misc feature yes 53.640074, -1.785944
63 Fenton Square, off Manchester Road Huddersfield square yes 53.642386, -1.793605
125 Fire Station, Princess Street Huddersfield municipal building no 53.643579, -1.781973
98 Firth Street Mills, Firth Street
cotton mill, now University of Huddersfield Canalside West Building
Huddersfield mill yes but new use 53.641062, -1.778295
17 Fish Pond, off Gledholt Bank
lake below Gledholt Hall
Gledholt water feature yes 53.645905, -1.800999
141 Folly Hall Dye Works, St. Thomas's Road Folly Hall dye works no 53.639895, -1.788704
38 Gas Works, off St. Andrew's Road
Huddersfield Corporation Gas Works
Huddersfield works no 53.651018, -1.774900
5 Gledholt Bridge, Gledholt Bank
railway bridge over road
Paddock Foot misc feature yes 53.643568, -1.798740
16 Gledholt Hall, off Gledholt Road Gledholt hall yes yes 53.646575, -1.800497
11 Granville Mill, Mill Gate
woollen mill, previously known as Armitage's Mill (1851 map)
Paddock Foot mill yes 53.641281, -1.802749
36 Greenhead Hall, off Greenhead Road
now part of Greenhead College
Gledholt hall yes but new use 53.646851, -1.793248
8 Griffin Inn, Thornton Road (now Blackmoorfoot Road)
formerly the "Railway Inn" (1851 map), now the "Griffin Lodge"
Crosland Moor Bottom inn yes 53.639659, -1.801139
74 Hall, South Parade & Charles Street
marked as a Masonic Hall on the 1890 map
Huddersfield property no 53.643076, -1.785332
4 Holy Trinity Church, off Trinity Street Highfields church yes 53.649882, -1.792899
46 Hope Street, off St. Andrew's Road Aspley street no 53.647036, -1.774159
65 Huddersfield Corporation Electric Generating Station, St. Thomas' Road
electricity generation station with adjacent tram depot, foundation stone laid February 1900
Longroyd Bridge municipal building yes but new use 53.641109, -1.794291
91 Huddersfield Town Hall, bounded by Ramsden Street, Peel Street, Princess Street, and Corporation Street Huddersfield municipal building yes yes 53.643977, -1.782640
32 Infirmary, bounded by New North Road, Fitzwillam Street West, Portland Street & York Place Huddersfield hospital, etc yes but new use yes 53.648231, -1.789208
80 Isthmus Mills Chapel Hill mill no 53.641483, -1.789232
99 King's Mill, King's Mill Lane
woollen mill, previously corn & woollen mill (1851 & 1890 maps)
Huddersfield mill partially 53.639812, -1.776237
35 Kirk's Place, off Trinity Street
Highfields yard yes 53.647326, -1.790563
28 Kirkgate Iron and Steel Works, Kirk Gate Huddersfield iron works no 53.646715, -1.779160
97 Larchfield Mills, Firth Street
woollen & worsted mill, now part of the University of Huddersfield
Huddersfield mill yes but new use 53.641823, -1.777314
120 Laundry, Seed Hill Road (no longer exists)
laundry works
Huddersfield works no 53.645875, -1.776328
48 Lily Street, off St. Andrew's Road Aspley street no 53.646502, -1.774047
1 Longley Hall, off Dog Kennel Bank Ashenhurst hall yes 53.638410, -1.770604
61 Longroyd Bridge, Crosland Road
road bridge over the River Colne
Crosland Moor misc feature yes 53.641140, -1.796254
6 Meeting House, off High Street Paddock Foot meeting house yes 53.642872, -1.803885
75 Methodist Chapel, High Street
Methodist New Connexion Chapel built 1814 and demolished 1956
Huddersfield chapel no 53.644871, -1.784295
130 Methodist Chapel, Little Brunswick Street
also known as "Brunswick Street Free Wesleyan Church" and "Brunswick Street United Methodist Free Church", closed in 1949 and demolished during 1960s to build the Ring Road
Huddersfield chapel no 53.648958, -1.786842
121 Methodist Chapel, Queen Street
now Lawrence Batley Theatre
Huddersfield chapel yes but new use 53.645170, -1.779875
122 Methodist Chapel Sunday School, Queen Street Huddersfield school no 53.644879, -1.780110
57 Methodist Chapel, Victoria Street (now Victoria Road)
also known as "Rashcliffe United Methodist Free Church", now a Christadelphian Hall
Rashcliffe chapel yes 53.638085, -1.789976
60 Methodist Wesleyan Chapel, Crosland Road
possibly an error on the map, as a chapel is sited on the other side of Thomas Street
Thornton Lodge chapel no 53.638996, -1.798408
102 milestone, Whitehead Lane
milestone, "Huddersfield 1 mile"
Primrose Hill roadside feature probably not 53.637504, -1.784210
13 Millgate Mills, Mill Gate
woollen mill
Paddock Foot mill yes 53.641376, -1.801905
86 Milton Chapel, off Queen Street South
Congregational Chapel
Huddersfield chapel yes but new use 53.642554, -1.780400
87 Milton Chapel Sunday School, Page Street Huddersfield school yes but new use yes 53.642470, -1.779856
85 Mission Chapel, off Queen Street South Huddersfield chapel no 53.641399, -1.780439
2 Mission Church, junction of Somerset Road & Mulberry Street
now St. Joseph's Catholic Church, but has a different footprint to the 1905 map
Aspley church maybe 53.642427, -1.770172
54 New Ground Colliery, Dameside Road Huddersfield mining feature no 53.638147, -1.781675
112 old shaft, off Kilner Bank Dalton Fold mining feature probably not 53.648816, -1.768681
27 Pack Horse Yard, off Kirk Gate & King Street, connecting to the Pack Horse Hotel
built over to make the Packhouse Shopping Centre, which follows the route of the yard
Huddersfield yard partially 53.646326, -1.781237
12 Paddock Mill, Mill Gate
woollen mill
Paddock Foot mill partially 53.641075, -1.801548
68 Paddock Viaduct
railway viaduct
Paddock Foot railway feature yes 53.640841, -1.799192
41 Perseverance Iron Works, off Turnbridge Road Huddersfield iron works yes 53.647446, -1.771974
96 Perseverance Works, Firth Street
named as a mineral water works on the 1890 map
Aspley works no 53.642426, -1.775511
124 Police Station, corner of Princess Street & Peel Street Huddersfield municipal building no 53.643614, -1.782239
37 Propsect Dye Works, off St. Andrew's Road Huddersfield dye works no 53.649975, -1.775596
138 Providence Mill, off Queen's Mill Road
woollen mill
Rashcliffe mill no 53.638686, -1.785418
137 Queen's Mill, Queen's Mill Road
cotton mill
Rashcliffe mill no 53.637929, -1.785857
139 Rashcliffe Iron Works, Chapel Hill
site now car showroom
Rashcliffe iron works no 53.638984, -1.786053
140 Rashcliffe Mills, Albert Street
woollen mill
Rashcliffe mill yes 53.638466, -1.786830
136 recreation ground, off St. Thomas' Road Rashcliffe sport no 53.639389, -1.792208
76 reservoir for Huddersfield Corporation Water Works, off Spring Street
circular water reservoir
Huddersfield reservoir no 53.645642, -1.790916
131 Roman Catholic Chapel, New North Road
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
Huddersfield chapel yes 53.648981, -1.787988
132 Roman Catholic Chapel School, Little Brunswick Street
St. Patrick's Church School
Huddersfield school no 53.649063, -1.787519
47 Rose Street, off St. Andrew's Road Aspley street no 53.646769, -1.774133
78 School, Bankfield Road Huddersfield school yes 53.642322, -1.793084
88 School, Commercial Street Huddersfield school no 53.642760, -1.778549
58 School, corner of St. Stephen's Street (now St. Stephen's Road) & Bland Street Rashcliffe school maybe 53.637254, -1.791603
26 School, Kirk Gate Huddersfield school no 53.646424, -1.778971
15 School, Lark Street
known as Paddock National Church School
Paddock Foot school no 53.642133, -1.804143
133 School, Manchester Road
presumbly linked to St. Thomas's Church
Huddersfield school no 53.642406, -1.791698
106 school, Upper Aspley (now Wakefield Road)
previously Aspley Mission Church (1890 map), now "Aspley Carpets"
Aspley school yes but new use 53.643610, -1.773673
59 School, Victoria Road Rashcliffe school yes but new use 53.637808, -1.791862
118 Seed Hill Dyeware Mills, off Seed Hill Road
canalside dye works
Huddersfield dye works no 53.646363, -1.775135
3 Somerset Bridge, at intersection of Upper Aspley & Storthes (now Wakefield Road)
bridge over the River Colne
Aspley misc feature yes 53.643493, -1.772586
104 spring
water spring in field
Ashenhurst well or spring probably not 53.637803, -1.772468
72 Spring Grove School, Water Street Huddersfield school yes 53.643471, -1.790844
77 Spring Wood House, off Gledholt Bank Gledholt mansion no 53.644097, -1.796496
23 St. Mark's Church, Lower Head Row (now Old Leeds Road)
now Huddersfield Spiritualist Church
Huddersfield church yes 53.649358, -1.776242
24 St. Mark's Church Sunday School, Lower Head Row (now Old Leeds Road) Huddersfield school yes but new use 53.648291, -1.776792
101 St. Matthew's Church, Orchard Street Primrose Hill church no 53.637165, -1.783475
92 St. Paul's Garden, triangle of land bounded by Ramsden Street, Ramsden Street East & Commercial Street
partly exists as the portion of grass at the western end of the Creative Arts Building
Huddersfield misc feature partially 53.644170, -1.778533
93 St. Paul's Street, off Ramsden Street (now Queensgate)
now St. Paul's Concert Hall
Huddersfield church yes but new use 53.643714, -1.779862
25 St. Peter's Church, Kirk Gate Huddersfield church yes yes 53.647271, -1.780900
31 St. Peter's Vicarage, Greenhead Road Highfields vicarage yes 53.646625, -1.791201
55 St. Stephen's Church, St. Stephen's Street (now St. Stephen's Road) & Victoria Road Rashcliffe church yes 53.637633, -1.791400
56 St. Stephen's Church Vicarage, Victoria Road Rashcliffe vicarage yes 53.637419, -1.792457
62 St. Thomas' Church, Manchester Road Huddersfield church yes 53.642362, -1.792324
105 Storthes Mill, off Storthes (now Wakefield Road) Moldgreen mill partially 53.643336, -1.768454
7 Sunday School, off High Street Paddock Foot school yes 53.642972, -1.803863
90 Techincal College, Queen Street South (now Queensgate)
also known as the Ramsden Building
Huddersfield college yes 53.642843, -1.780012
67 The Triangle
road junction
Paddock Foot misc feature yes 53.642251, -1.799054
127 Theatre Royal, corner of Ramsden Street & Bull and Mouth Street
theatre, previously the Philosophical Hall (1851 map)
Huddersfield property no 53.644403, -1.781102
107 timber yard, at end of Sand Street
timber yard
Aspley yard no 53.643708, -1.775434
109 timber yard, Carr Pit Road Aspley yard no 53.644557, -1.771785
129 timber yard, off New North Street Huddersfield yard no 53.647704, -1.787712
110 timber yard, Upper Aspley (now Wakefield Road) Aspley yard no 53.643856, -1.773039
43 Tower Mills, St. Andrew's Road Aspley mill no 53.647794, -1.773205
64 Tramway Depot, St. Thomas' Road
tram depot with adjacent electricity generation station, foundation stone laid February 1900
Longroyd Bridge municipal building yes but new use 53.641063, -1.794773
42 Turnbridge Chemical Works, off Turnbridge Road Huddersfield chemical works no 53.647637, -1.772718
113 Turnbridge Machine Works, off Turnbridge Road Huddersfield works no 53.648674, -1.774720
116 Turnbridge Mills, Quay Street Huddersfield mill yes 53.648032, -1.775777
66 Union Dyeware Mills, off Longroyd Lane Paddock Foot dye works no 53.642137, -1.796656
95 Upper Aspley Mills, Firth Street
cotton mill
Aspley mill yes but new use 53.642663, -1.775190
128 Upper Head Mills, Upper Head Row, bounded by Henry Street, South Street & Swallow Street
woollen & cotton mill
Huddersfield mill no 53.644571, -1.787055
134 Victoria Gardens, off St. Thomas' Road Huddersfield allotments no 53.640999, -1.793320
45 Violet Street, off St. Andrew's Road Aspley street no 53.647408, -1.774270
111 Water Royd Mill, Turnbridge Road Newtown mill no 53.648582, -1.772006
39 Waterloo Mills, Lower Head Row (now Old Leeds Road)
not specified on the map, but previously a woollen mill (1890 map)
Huddersfield mill yes 53.650059, -1.776587
21 Wells Mills, corner of Fountain Street & North Gate (no longer exist)
shoddy & mungo mill, previously a woollen mill (1851) & spinning mill (1890)
Huddersfield mill no 53.650147, -1.780888
53 Wharf Mills, Upper Aspley (now Wakefield Road) Aspley mill no 53.644313, -1.774206
40 Whitestone Iron Works, off Turnbridge Road Huddersfield iron works no 53.648110, -1.770795
18 Woodland Mount, Park Drive Gledholt property yes 53.650512, -1.798397

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  • the names of each feature are generally that given on the map, except when it is useful to disambiguate or give a more commonly recognised name
  • in general, definite articles have been dropped from names — e.g. "King's Arms" instead of "The King's Arms"
  • in some instances the area names given are approximate and subjective, so should be only taken as a rough guide
  • the geographic coordinates given are in general very accurate (i.e. to within a few feet), and were obtained by one of two processes:
    • overlaying the historic map on Google Maps to identify the exact location
    • use of bespoke software which creates a virtual mesh over the historic map and is then trained by identifying locations which have not changed, such as road junctions, properties, bridges, churches, etc