Huddersfield Exposed:Terms of Service

The Huddersfield Exposed web site has been set with the follow goals:

  1. To explore the history of the town and the surrounding districts, with particular emphasis on the obscure, the unusual and the previous undocumented.
  2. To detail the lives of those who lived in the area, from the famous to the forgotten.
  3. To make available under a liberal Creative Commons License all original content created for the site.
  4. To make available a large amount of historical materials, including facsimiles, reproductions and transcriptions of books, newspaper articles, photographs, postcards, etc, where it is believed that the material is in the Public Domain or when explicit permission has been granted by the rights holder.
  5. To allow anyone with a genuine interest in the area to contribute research and materials (the latter should either be already in the Public Domain or licensed in such a way as to allowed reproduction on a non-commercial web site).

The above goals are explained in more depth here.

By requesting an account on this web site, you are agreeing to the spirit of the above goals. In particular, you agree that any original material that you contribute to the site then becomes licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and can be reused by others under the terms of that licence. This doesn't mean that you are handing over your copyright, but rather explicitly giving permission for others to reproduce and build upon your original work.

This web site uses the same MediaWiki software that Wikipedia uses, so you can find lots of information online about how to edit pages, etc., e.g.

We warmly welcome your input to this site and would simply ask that you "play nicely". For example:

  • please feel free to correct typos and errors in existing pages
  • please feel free to add additional content to existing pages — for example, there are hundreds of "stub entries" which ideally need expanding with further information
  • please include suitable references and footnotes whenever possible
  • please try to use an encyclopedic style of writing based on factual research — hearsay and speculation is okay if cold hard historical facts are in short supply, but please make that clear in your text (e.g. "According to some...")
  • try to avoid deleting large sections of someone else's text, unless you're planning to rewrite it to make it more readable
  • remember that someone else may come along later and edit content that you've written — if you strongly disagree with the changes they've made, please try not to take it too personally and instead consider chatting to that person via email to see if you can come to an amicable agreement

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please drop Dave Pattern (the site admin) an email: