Huddersfield Daily Examiner (31/Mar/1914) - In and About: A "Burying" Tea

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


A "Burying'" Tea.

At a Holmfirth election meeting a local gentleman began his speech by pleasantly expressing the hope that the audience had all enjoyed a good tea. "The voice" in the audience promptly replied "I have ; I've been to a burying" — a remark that tickled the audience immensely. Funeral teas, however, were not always the elaborate meals that are common to-day. A Holmfirth native says he well remembered the interment of Joe Perkin (of Holmfirth Anthem fame), because of a remark dropped by one of the mourners. She informed a friend that she intended taking home a "yerring" to her tea. To her a herring was the height of luxury.