Huddersfield Daily Examiner (29/Oct/1918) - Honouring the Brave: Unveiling of Dock Street Shrine

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.



Dock Street was gaily decorated with flags of the Allied countries on Saturday afternoon on the occasion of the unveiling of a war shrine, which has been put up at the right hand corner of Dock Street. In Dock Street there is only one house that has not made its contribution to the forces, and 82 names of men from that street and 16 from Watergate are on the roll of honour. Eighteen of these have made the supreme sacrifice. The cost of the shrine has been subscribed entirely by the inhabitants of the two streets, and it is the work of Mr. Spratt.

In the absence of the Mayor, Alderman E. A. Beaumont unveiled the memorial.

The Chairman said that it would be their solemn duty to protect the widows and children of those who had fallen, to help those who were wounded, and to see to it that the others had suitable work found for them. Alderman Wheatley pleaded for a peace that should prevent any further war and one in which the prospects of the workers should he vastly improved. Councillor Platts said that now the women had the vote they must use it in the best interests of those who had fought for them and those left to mourn the loss of their dearest

Rev. Father McCarthy moved in sympathetic terms a vote of condolence to those who had lost their dearest ones. Councillor Platts seconded. The Rev. Father then gave the prayers, and the large audience most reverently joined in the responses. Mrs. Scally, the oldest inhabitant in Dock Street (she was born opposite to it and has resided in and about it all her life), presented Alderman Beaumont with a small cross.

Alderman Wheatley moved, Mr. Luke Galvin seconded, and Mr John Rattigan supported s vote of thanks to the chairman, which was heartily carried.

The visitors were then entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Luke Galvin, and a pleasant evening was passed. Mrs. Scally and Mr. Galvin sang several songs. On the motion of Alderman Beaumont, seconded by Alderman Wheatley, and supported by Councillor Platts, the hosts were cordially thanked for their hospitality.

Sir Wm. Raynor and Mr. C. W. Keighley later joined in the proceedings.

The committee responsible for the arrangements were Mr. Luke Galvin, Mr. John and Mr. Harry Convoy. The last named gained the D.C.M.