Huddersfield Daily Examiner (26/Aug/1891) - The Linthwaite Murder

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


There is still no intelligence concerning the whereabouts of James Stockwell, the man who is wanted for the murder of Catherine Dennis, the servant at the Ivy Hotel, but statements continue to be made as to his having been seen in various parts of the district.

It had been rumoured early in the week that Stockwell had been seen at Marsden on Friday night, on Saturday morning, and police had information to that effect. To-day, one of our representatives made enquires into the murder, and found that on Saturday morning, Tom Else, a dyer at Clayton, Holdroyd, and Co., drysalters, &c., Longroyd Bridge, saw Stockwell at Marsden, on Saturday morning. Else says that having had his left hand trapped, on the Thursday of last week, he could not work, so he went to Marsden to see his father, who is engaged at the Marsden end of the new tunnel works which are in progress there. On the morning of Saturday, about ten minutes to eight, he was going down the road leading from the railway station, when he saw the man Stockwell leaned against the gate which leads to the towing path of the canal. Stockwell, knowing Else, said to him, "How do?" and Else replied "How do?" but nothing further passed, and Else did not see him again. pressed as to whether he was certain that the man was Stockwell, Else replied, "Oh, yes," and he added that he knew him well. Else had heard about the murder on Friday night, but he was in the same position as others — he knew nothing about Stockwell's supposed connection with it, and therefore he thought nothing further about the matter. It was only when rumours began to be circulated during the day as to Stockwell being wanted that he thought anything of it, and then he gave information to the county police. There does not seem to have been anything peculiar about Stockwell when he was seen in Marsden, and so far as we know there is nothing known as to what he did in Marsden on the Saturday, or as to the time he left, of the direction in which he went, but as before repeated the police think he has made his way across the hills and is by this time far away.