Huddersfield Daily Examiner (21/Oct/1893) - On the Bat's Back: G.W. Tomlinson

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Some time ago I promised to give more fully than I was than able to do an account of the contributions of Mr. G.W. Tomlinson to local historical and antiquarian literature. I am now able to fulfil my promise. They are:—

(1) Some account of the founders of the Huddersfield Subscription Library. 1875. — This was an enlarged edition of a short series of papers which appeared in the "Huddersfield Chronicle."

(2) Fenay and its owners. — These papers also appeared in the "Huddersfield Chronicle," and have not been re-printed. They deal with the family of Fenay, of Fenay; the Norths, a family of lawyers of Almondbury, and with the Batty family. Three papers were freely used by the late Canon Hilbert in his History of Almondbury.

(3) The History of Huddersfield. — Thirty-four articles appealed on this subject in the "Parish Church Magazine," dealing with the history of the town from the Domesday period. A short account of various local families is included — the Firths, of Clough House; the Brookes, of Newhouse; the Hirsts, of Greenhead. Subsequently these papers were supplemented by a transcript of the tombstones in the Parish Churchyard, which ran to fourteen papers, and recorded 687 inscriptions. It is to be hoped that at some early date Mr. Tomlinson may be able to carry out his intention to re-arrange and add to these notes and render them worthy of of a permanent form.

(4) The Wapentake of Agbrigg. — This book, reprinted from the "Yorkshire Archaeological Journal," comprises the entries referring to this Wapentake in Dodworth's MSS. The compilation was made by a Mr. Tillotson, and was edited for the journal by Mr. A. S. Ellis and Mr. Tomlinson. The entries are arranged alphabetically under the names of the different townships, and include a mass of material which cannot fail to be of great service to enquirers. The fullowing places are mentioned infer alia, Almondbury, Armitage, Bradley, Butternab, Cartworth, Collersley, Crosland Edge, Crosland North and South, Dalton, Edgerton, Farnley Tyas, Fenay Hall, Fixby, Fleming Hall in Dalton, Gawthorp, Gledholt, Golcar, Honley, Holme, Huddersfield, Kirkheaton, Lascelles Hall, Lepton, Lindley, Lockwood, Longley, Longwood, Longroyd Bridge, Lyley, Marsden, Meltham, Milnsbridge, Newhouse in Huddersfield, Newsome, Quarmby, Rawthorpe, Rowley, Slaithwaite, Storthes Hall, Woodsome Hall.

(5) Normanton Church. — A paper which appeared in the "Yorkshire Archaeological Journal," describing the monuments and giving an account of the different families buried in Normanton Church.

(6) The Pedigree of Brooke of Newhouse, in the parish of Huddersfield, and of Dodworth, in the parish of Silkstone. — In the "Yorkshire Archaeological Journal."

(7) The excursion programmes of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society from 1880 to the present time.

Mr. Tomlinson has been active for many years in the cause of antiquarian research. He was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1878. He was colleague of the late Mr. Fairless Barber as secretary of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society for several years before that gentleman's illness and death, and has acted alone in the capacity since 1879 until the incorporation of the society at the beginning of the present year.