Huddersfield Daily Examiner (19/Jan/1916) - Death of Mr. Benjamin Oxley

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The announcement of the death of Mr. Benjamin Oxley, Highfields, Huddersfield, will evoke sincere regret and deep sympathy from the large circle of bis friends. He passed away yesterday afternoon in his 70th year, after a long and trying illness. His death removes one of Huddersfield's worthiest and best known citizens, and severs one of the brightest and most attractive links connecting the present generation with the past. The Oxley family was one of the oldest in Huddersfield, and there is treasured by the family to-day evidence that the same family lived in Huddersfield in 1739. The late Mr. Oxley, at the age of 19, succeeded his father, Mr. Joseph Oxley, in the business of livery stable proprietor, and he has therefore been in business a matter of fifty years.

Before the advent of the motor car the business was the largest of its kind in Huddersfield. Prior to the erection of the present stables near Mr. Oxley's farm at Highfields, the stables were situated in Upperhead Row. Mr. Oxley won for himself a great reputation as a straightforward and upright man of business.

So well did he train his office boys in book-keeping that he was constantly losing them, and the fact that they "worked for Mr. Oxley" was quite sufficient recommendation. His knowledge of old Huddersfield was extensive, and was frequently drawn upon by his friends and visitors to the town.

In politics he was a staunch Conservative, and it was as a Conservative that he entered the County Borough Council in 1880, after a strenuous and hard-fought battle. He was opposed by two other candidates and managed to secure majorities of 211 and 360 over them. He retired from the Council in 1883. A Freemason and a member of the Albert Edward Lodge, he is reputed to have been the oldest Past Master in the town. In 1886 he was appointed one of a committee of Freemasons who presented an address to the Duke of Albany on the occasion of his visit. For a number of years he served in the Yeomanry.

He leaves a widow and four married daughters, to whom the deepest sympathy is extended in their bereavement. His daughters are Mrs. Eastwood. Lindley ; Mrs. Priest, Gledholt ; Mrs. Waller, Belmont Street ; and Mrs. Hibbert, wife of Dr. Hibbert, Manningham, Bradford.[1]

The interment takes place at the Huddersfield Cemetery, at noon, to-morrow (Thursday).

Notes and References

  1. All three of Benjamin Oxley's sons (Edward, Percy and Joseph) died within a space of 13 months in 1900-1.