Huddersfield Daily Examiner (09/Jan/1918) - Local Casualties

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Local Casualties


Private WILLIAM AINLEY i*4). of tfc West Riding Regiment, b«« bcfD killU in onto in Franco. HA lived it 3H, luted A'mu* Myrtle Mood, Gotcar.


Private IIKKDEBT HAIUH, Leicester Bog mrut, mhomj mother aiui sister li o at Broot fold, Colaebridgis Bradley, hat died i nouhdt in France. Too brothers are ar il, to France, and before joining the colour* i September. 1014, he was employed bv M<*»r Learned Bros, and Co., Ltd. lie attend* Bradley Church.


Gunner EBXE8T BLAND, R.F.A., h. . been severely wounded in tlw> left kn*'»\ lie the third son of Mr. and Jin, R. Bland -Lockwood Hoad. He vas former!? employ* j i his father** firm, .John Bians ae

Co., rope and twine man uf sc hirers. Anoth-

son is also serving in France.

Private SAMUEL RIPLEY, DomrMi » • Regiment, who lias been slightlv wounded tin* left foot, and is suffering from term . fever, is in hospital at Glasgow. Urbre e listing Private K:pfcy was in brsJncaa at Birkl • and Lovdilo as a painter and decorator. Re-

bis brothers am af*o tuTvint in His MijeH* •



Sergeant DOUGLAS CLARK, Arm? SenF . Corps, Motor Transport Section. ??♦« wei known Huddersfield Northern Union footballs who was recently wounded, I • b *i Iran breed to the Huddersfield War Hospital, ai i« making satisfactory progress. He was r orntly awarded the Militsr Medal.