Huddersfield Daily Examiner (09/Feb/1915) - The Holmfirth Flood

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The Holmfirth Flood.

“Your interesting article on the Holmfirth Flood (writes a correspondent) led me to refer to an old document in my possession, which places on record the awful disaster and also the names of all those who perished. The sheet measures about 17ins. by 12ins., and the letter-press is enclosed in an old-style ornamental border. It is headed ‘The Flood came, and took them all away,’ and proceeds, ‘In memory of the following unfortunate individuals, who perished by the lamentable occurrence which took place about one o’clock on Thursday morning, the fifth of February, 1852, by the bursting of the Bilberry reservoir, situate about three miles above Holmfirth.’ Then follows a tabulated list of names in street order : Hinchliff Mill — Fold Gate (three names), Fold Head (two), Water Street (35), Dyson’s Mill (four) ; Holmfirth — Scarfold (eight), Upperbridge (three), Hollow Gate (nine), Rocher (one), Mill Hill (twelve), and Smithy Place (one). At the foot of the sheet is the text : ‘The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away ; blessed be the name of the Lord.’ A feature of the list is the number of persons who bore the same name. In Water Street there were four Marsdens, four Dodds, eight Croslands, six Charlesworths, seven Mettricks, and four Earnshaws. In Scarfold six Hellawells ; Upperbridge all three were Baileys ; and at Mill Hill there were seven Hartleys and five Shackletons. The memorial sheet bears the imprint ‘Published by Joseph Crosland, printer, bookseller, and stationer, Stamp Office, Holmfirth.’”