Huddersfield Daily Examiner (04/Jan/1918) - Local Casualties

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Prieate HERBERT HALL (3U.447V, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, wbo« wue U mom liting with her tsiber at the Woodman lu, Mar-den Road, it reported Bitting. Ht U the third ton of Mr. nod Mrs. Alfred Hall, Market Street, Paddock, nod previous to joining the Army in November, 1910, he wnt employed os n motal hand by Messrs. 1*. Conacher nod Co. Any information as to hit whereabouts will he gratefully received by hie relatives.


Sergeant NORMAN HA1GH, Duke of Wellington s West Riding Kcgiutmt, only non of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heigh, 23, Arnold Street, Birkoy, has died of wounds, oergeaut Heigh was nearly 21 years of age. lie joined the local Territorials at the outer oak of war, and was n promising young vocalist, lie bad been connected wiui the fuug CUffe United Methodist buudsy bciaooi, liilinouao. lie wan formerly employed by Messrs. Kddisun. lay lor, and Booth, auctioneers, High btroek

Private WILLIAM DONEERSLEY, of the West Riding Regiment, has died nf wounds received in aetson. He was 29 years olg. and was the only eon of Mr. and Mrs. F. Lookers ley, 36, Yew Green Rood, Lockwood.

• M1SS1NO.

Signaller LEONARD 1 RED ALB (28,113), Ritte Brigade, aged 23, only son of Mr. nod Mrs. Mellor l red sir, of 161, Long wood Gate, is reported missing. Signaller Iredale enlisted on February 22nd, 1916. and west out to France in the following November, was wounded in March last, and returned to France in September. Before joining up be waa employed at Messrs. C. and J. Hirst. Ltd., woollen manufacturers, Longwood. He attended Stltodine Nook Baptist Chapel, and waa also a member of the Long wood Baptist Sunday School.

The following casualties have been oRdally

recorded. Where not otherwise stated they refer to privates whose next-of-kin live in Huddersfield


R. P. A.—Corporal S. Karnshaw.

Middlesex itegiaieuL—tl. bchoAeld (52,501).

ill Mil or WOO MIA

Duke of Wellington's Regiment.—J. E. Berry

(Lougwovd), L. iioiliwcll (1 hougsbriugej, b. Lawton (Rossiey), G. F. lUven (Brighouse), M. Cramptou (Uolcar), H. S. Hoyle, Lance-.'wsrgeiuit F. Nealhy, T. A Pogaon (Slat thwwud, E. Clough (241.509), J. Newton (941,888).

North Staffordshire Regiment.—G. Beightoo. West Yorkshire Regiment.—E. Mayes (Mart-



Weal Yorkshire Regiment—T. S. Harrison

(Gok-ar), W. E. Wilson (Eliand).

Yorkshire Kegimeut.—b. U. Hoys ton.

Duke of Wellington's Regiment. — P. Castle (Kirkhettonj, 11. Crackiook (Brighouse), F. Crowther (Brighouse). S. Thorpe (Milas-bridge), Sergeant W. Vale (Slaithwaite), Acting Lance-Corporal H. B. Hall (16,150. Almond-bur)?, H. Csthro (29,301). N. Hurphey (15,374, Lockwood).

King s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.—J. R.

Lew is (Golcsr).

Hussars.—W. Curtis (1,294, Brighouse). Kirg's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.— 3. H. Squire (241,481, Longwood).

South Staffordshire Regiment.—A. Gledhill


West Yorkshire Regiment.—Sergeant A. Dench (8,094), J. Snelling (36,449).