Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (31/Dec/1892) - Local Obituary for 1892

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Following our usual custom, we this morning publish, in an abbreviated form, our local obituary for the past year. The list is specially compiled for the Daily Chronicle by one whose knowledge of Huddersfield and Huddersfield men, extending over a number of years, renders it of peculiar value. It is perused each year with melancholy interest by those whose memories can carry them back to the time when the departed worthies took a more or less active interest in the affairs of the town. This year death has been busy amongst the more prominent men of the town, the number of whom in the subjoined list is, we are assured, larger than for several years past. As the list is prepared without any regard to the ages of the persons included, a comparison may not be out of place. The number in the list is a slight increase on the previous year, viz., 55. For two years the average age has been 65. This year it is a fraction over 64, which speaks well for the healthiness of a manufacturing community like ours. The list is as follows :—

January 1 Joseph Marsden woollen merchant 65
2 Edward Hath, J.P. shipping merchant 75
4 John Worthington hairdresser and perfumer 50
6 Richard Hartley formerly verger at St. John's 86
8 Thomas Rhodes retired builder 67
9 William D. Henshall formerly carpet warehouseman 80
12 Luke Schofield (of Marsh) quarry owner 72
22 Ernest C. Walker (of Lindley) manufacturer 27
23 Llewellyn R. Bibby solicitor 42
23 Alexander Hathorn formerly agent to the Ramsden Estate 76
28 Rev. W.B. Calvert, M.A. formerly vicar of St. Peter's 71
31 Joseph Travis Clay retired worsted manufacturer 87
February 4 Mark M. Kertland surveyor to the Ramsden Estate 74
9 George Thomas Wright formerly tea dealer 65
18 Joseph Stork yarn spinner 71
19 Alfred Milnes Blackburn salesman and traveller 50
March 7 James T. Wigney art dealer 76
9 John Wilkinson woollen merchant 77
20 John Ogston formerly woollen merchant 70
20 Edward Dyson retired draper 50
21 William H. Hattersley retired manufacturer 61
22 Jonas Craven solicitor 60
22 Lawrence Pitkethley formerly waste dealer 77
April 5 John William Walker formerly draper 65
17 Walter Armitage solicitor 56
22 Rev. Eli Whitehead Swedenborgian minister 69
22 James Young brush maker 72
23 Eli Gaukroger shopkeeper 77
25 John W. Hinchliffe whitesmith and gas fitter 68
27 James Hartley retired wool buyer 75
May 16 Friend Tinker aerated water manufacturer 55
19 Walter Love formerly pawnbroker 67
June 11 George Heywood builder 67
July 18 Charles Wood retired cotton waste merchant 81
27 William Schofield retired accountant 65
August 10 Joseph Lodge furniture dealer 72
13 Sam Wilkinson flock and waste dealer 49
September 5 William Bartin teacher of singing 48
17 Benjamin Jowett retired shopkeeper 67
25 John Matthewman grocer 71
26 William Fox formerly woollen merchant 74
October 5 Edmund Henry Walker retired boot and shoe dealer 69
7 Henry Davison cigar merchant 61
7 John Chilton retired Excise officer 67
19 Frederick Learoyd formerly cotton spinner 64
22 John Clayton cabinet maker 58
22 Walter Turner manager of the Co-operative Society — wholesale department 43
28 Thomas Denham, J.P. retired linen draper 74
November 1 George J. Turton bank cashier 44
5 George Sykes formerly stamp distributor 52
7 Joe Webb Tempest formerly accountant 65
16 Law L. Stead builder and contractor 56
22 George Winter Rhodes surgeon 69
December 6 Thomas Robinson retired solicitor 76
16 Frank H. Walker manufacturer 35