Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (29/Oct/1874) - Huddersfield Equitable Permanent Benefit Building Society

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

Huddersfield Equitable Permanent Benefit Building Society.

The tenth annual meeting of the above society was held in the Wellington Hall, Queen-street, on Tuesday evening last. The chair was taken by Councillor Joseph Hirst, who has been the president of the society since its commencement. The following directors were present :— Messrs. Charles Vickerman, John Henry Stuttard, John Edward Webb, Joseph Goodwin, and James Christie, and Mr. Sunderland (of Craven and Sunderland), the solicitors to the society ; also Mr. Kirk, the society's surveyor.

The Chairman opened the proceedings by reading the notice convening the meeting, and then called upon the secretary, Mr. Henry Kaye, to read the report, which showed the society to be in a very flourishing condition. The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the report and statement of accounts, said he had great pleasure in congratulating the members upon the successful result of last year's operations. He commented in a very able manner upon the different items in the report, and stated that the subscriptions during the past year were more than nine times the amount received during the first year, and pointed out very forcibly the advantages of this mode saving. He also drew the members attention to the increase in the deposit department, which he considered to be a conclusive proof of the confidence the public had in the society. He further stated that the directors had experienced no difficulty in lending their surplus capital, and that the advances for the last year were £5,432 in excess of the previous year. The Chairman expressed a hope that the members would exert themselves in making known the advantages of the society, and that each would make a provision against a "rainy day" by building themselves a house so as to be truly sheltered from the rain. He was proud to be able to say that the society had not suffered one penny of loss in any of its investments, neither was their a borrower's property in their hands. He had great satisfaction in moving the adoption of the report, which was seconded by Mr. Heywood, and unanimously adopted.

Mr. Thos. Meller proposed the re-election of the following directors, Messrs. Stuttard, Webb, Goodwin, and Radcliffe, which was seconded by Mr. Josh. Sykes and carried.

Mr. Isaac Brook proposed and Mr. Joel Hartley seconded the re-election of auditors, Messrs. W.E. Thomas and J.W. Sykes, which was carried unanimously.

Mr. Henry Holland proposed a vote of thanks to the trustees, directors, and auditors for their valuable services during the past year, which was seconded by Mr. Haddin Ellam, and supported by Mr. Robert Brown. On this resolution being put to the meeting it was carried with acclamation.

Mr. Holland proposed and Mr. Ellam seconded that a present of £20 be made to the directors for their valuable and efficient services.

Mr. Stuttard, in replying to the vote of thanks, remarked that, although a junior in years, he was one of the oldest directors on the Board, but under no circumstances would he receive any pay. So long as it was the pleasure of the members that he should hold the position of director, be would endeavour to do his best for the interests of the society.

Mr. Joe Heywood moved that an advertisement be inserted in the papers requesting all persons desirous of erecting a cottage for themselves to meet at the society's offices, 19, John William Street, on Monday evening, the 9th of November, at 7.30 o'clock, which was seconded by Mr. Holland, and carried.

Mr. Kirk kindly promised to meet them, and render what assistance he could in chosing suitable plots of ground, and plans for carrying out this desirable object.

Mr. Vickerman and Mr. Webb also promised that the society would help them to the utmost of its powers.

Mr. Sunderland in complimentary terms, proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, not only for the able manner in which he had presided over that meeting, but also for the interest he had manifested in the society from its commencement.

Mr. Hirst briefly returned thanks, which terminated a most successful meeting of the society.