Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (28/Feb/1894) - Concert at Meltham

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Concert at Meltham.

A miscellaneous concert was given at the Carlile Institute, on Monday evening, by the Wesleyan Chapel choir. The following glees and anthems were given by the choir in a very creditable manner, viz. :— "Break forth into joy," "Up, quit thy bower," "List the trumpet," "I will feed my flock," "Come where my love lies dreaming," and "The moon shone calmly bright." Miss E. T. Garside sang "An old sweet greeting " and "Zayder Zee," the latter of which she had to repeat. Mr. J. Watson gave "The diver." Miss E. Townend sang very boldly "A summer shower," which was re-demanded. "Robin Adair" was nicely sung by Miss A.E. Preston, and Miss E. Wright gave "The fisherman and his child." A duet, "What are the wild waves saying," was sung by Miss M. Mitchell and Mr. J. Mortimer. Two recitations, entitled "Nelly's prayer" and "If I were a man," were finely given by Miss M.A. Mosley, and a word of praise is due to Mr. H. Watson for the manner in which he gave the two recitations, entitled "The tenement house" and "An eccentric D.D.'s mishap." Mr. J. Mortimer conducted, and Mr. J.W. Mellor was the accompanist. There was a full attendance, and on the whole the concert was fairly satisfactory. The National Anthem was sung at the close.

Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (28/Feb/1894) - Concert at Meltham


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