Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (25/May/1893) - Whitsuntide Festivities: Meltham Wesleyan and Baptist Schools

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Meltham Wesleyan and Baptist Schools.

On Whit-Monday morning the teachers and scholars belonging to the Wesleyan and Baptist denominations met in their respective schools, and marched in procession to the Market Place, where they halted, and sang two of their hymns under the conductorship of Mr. J.W. Kenworthy. They then re-formed and proceeded to the Baptist Chapel, where a short service was held and an address given by the Rev. H. Holfred, of Holmfirth. At noon the Wesleyans again met in the school, and then marched to Meltham Hall, to Wood Cottage, and the temporary residence of Mr. E. Brook — singing and receiving a penny at each place. They then returned to Meltham and sang in front of Messrs. Mellor Bros. From here they proceeded to the school where the youngsters did ample justice to the tea and cake provided for them, the elder scholars and teachers afterwards sitting down to a good tea. In the evening they enjoyed themselves in playing in a field near the Carlile Institute until dusk, all being well tired.

The Baptists met at noon in the schoolroom, and had a good march round, visiting Croft House, the residence of Mr. James Kilburn, where each was presented with a bag of sweets. They also went to Meltham Mills, to the residence of Mr. E. Brook, where they sang and cheered, and each received a penny. They also visited the residence of their pastor (the Rev. F. Oliver). The children then had tea and cakes, and the teachers, elder scholars, &c., sat down to tea together. In the evening they amused themselves in various games in the Recreation Ground. The day was fine and all enjoyed it.