Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (21/May/1880) - Presentation to the Vicar of South Crosland

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

Presentation to the Vicar of South Crosland.

An interesting ceremony took: place on Whit-Monday evening, in the National School, South Crosland. The parishioners, having long desired to show the esteem in which they hold their vicar, took the opportunity of doing so on his return home from his marriage tour, by presenting a silver tea and coffee service and breakfast cruet stand to Mr. Coulton, and a davenport to Mrs. Coulton. Mr. Coulton had been a most efficient fellow-labourer with the late Mr. Hough, as curate for 3½ years previous to his induction as vicar. Mr. George Dyson, vicar's churchwarden, in presenting the service of sliver, welcomed Mrs. Coulton to Crosland, and remarked upon the valuable services of Mr. Coulton during the period of the long illness of the late vicar (the Rev. George Hough) and of the success of the various institutions connected with the Church. Mr. Albert Wrigley, parish churchwarden, had great pleasure in asking Mrs. Coulton to accept the davenport, and he offered on behalf of himself and the parish a hearty welcome to Mrs. Coulton, wishing both long life and happiness. The Rev. George Coulton feelingly replied on behalf of himself and his wife, thanking the parishioners for the many kindnesses he had received from them. Short addresses were afterwards made by Messrs. Law Armitage, Joseph Schofield, Joseph Radcliffe, Daniel White, and John Bottomley, all testifying to the appreciation by the parish of the devoted services of Mr. Coulton and the sincere regard in which he is consequently held.