Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (20/Aug/1884) - The Late Mr. George Dyson

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


At the commencement of the business at the Huddersfield County Police Court on Tuesday the chairman (Mr. William Brooke) said :—

Mr. Sykes, we feel that we cannot commence the business of this court today without expressing our very deep sense of sorrow at the loss which has befallen this town and ourselves in the sudden and unexpected death of our dear friend, Mr. Dyson. It is true that Mr. Dyson had not much to do with this court, but being as he was a distinguished member of a profession which is intimately connected with the work of this court, we all of as, I am sure, feel that we could not really begin our work without saying something in reference to this sad lose. It would not be fitting for me to say here what I personally feel about this loss. He was my personal friend, and had been for 40 years since we were lads together at school. But as the mouthpiece of the magistrates of this district I am sure I am only saying what we till feel and all wish to do — express our deep sympathy with the widow and family of Mr. Dyson, and our earnest and heartfelt sorrow at the great loss which has befallen us. Sir, if it would be right in this court to say so, one of the only comforts we can have in losses such as this is well expressed in words which even in this court I will take the liberty of saying :—

'Tis sweet, as year by year we lose
Friends out of sight, in faith to muse
How grows in Paradise our store.

I feel it my duty to make these few remarks, as we do feel deeply tbe great loss which we have sustained, and which has cast such a gloom over the whole neighbourhood.

The business of the court was then proceeded with.